10 Lessons A Labrador Retriever Taught Me About Dog Training

This black Labrador Retriever taught me so many important lessons about dog training. She is the whole reason that I became a dog trainer and many years ago, she was the cause of and answer to a lot of my stress! After spending many years helping thousands of dog owners to overcome their own dog training challenges, I often see people making the exact same dog training mistakes that I was making. We get so many great comments and questions on our YouTube channel. I quite often see some of the same questions that I had when I first began my own dog training experience, so I think it’s time I put together a top 10 list just for you!

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Puppy House-Line: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7BBgLulhernhK1zk40nZgZW6Y4rpFrLR

The BIGGEST Mistake People Make WHen Teaching Their Puppy To Drop Things: https://youtu.be/NiSxXUZILHw

Get Your Dog Under Control: https://youtu.be/bVYm5-sLQMk?list=PL7BBgLulherm5Jgc0z548avaOmjvC5blo

Teach Your Puppy To Fetch ans LOVE To Bring The Toy Back: https://youtu.be/gH1rZwolIZ4?list=PL7BBgLulherlK4StFFySNCshSuQCPWzSd

First Week Home With Your New Puppy: https://youtu.be/-_5xd0pSy28?list=PL7BBgLulherkUSoV_rOG9beZK90yUZpwb

Golden Retriever Puppy First Week Home: https://youtu.be/Kr5ZF7iwPTo?list=PL7BBgLulherknHyUcZyev1mbcitpcwAC-

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The Irresistible Affenpinscher

Individuals who have and enjoy the Affenpinscher can’t recognize why, for many years, it has not end up being a lot more preferred. The following is a quote taken from a “love letter” composed by a new proprietor of an Affenpinscher puppy back to the breeder.

Affenpinscher’s Function and Temperament

The original function of type was that of a rodent killer in the kitchens, barns, stables as well as granaries. Some record that the Affen was used to clear out small video game, also. Over the previous three centuries the Affenpinscher has come to be a liked family friend who wants to be spruced up in doll clothing by the young ladies and also bossed around in a baby carriage.

Understanding A Dog Show

Simply how do pet shows work? There’s more to a dog show than what we see on TV. This short article explains how pet dog reveals work.

Portable Air Conditioning – A “Doggone” Smart Way to Prevent Heat Related Illnesses

As the mercury sears in warmer weather, pets count on their owners to offer a safe as well as healthy setting. Heat relevant ailments in animals are most avoidable using portable a/c products that are developed to ensure that you have the “coolest” as well as healthiest family pets on the block this summertime!

Spot Check

Our lives are extremely comprehensive of the special times we show our pets. Take a go back in time to the days of learning to read with Dick, Jane, Puff as well as Area.

The Healthiest Pet Food Options

Simply like humans, pets need good diets to ensure that they can live lengthy healthy and balanced lives. If you care concerning your four legged close friend, you need to guarantee that you locate the finest food alternatives for them.

What Is the Affenpinscher?

Individuals who possess, display as well as breed the Affenpinscher listen to these type of comments at all times. This reasonably unusual, yet old, type is gradually gaining regard by the canine elegant as well as the public as well. One seasoned pet fanatic, after coping with and revealing his initial Affenpinscher, was heard to say, “This breed is the best-kept key in the dog world, and I wish it stays in this way.” The Affenpinscher has a small however dedicated complying with in North America and also Europe. Its history and also growth as a reputable participant of the canine area is a fascinating yet strange story.

Important Affenpinschers of The Modern Era

Ch.Hilane’s Solar Eclipse was birthed May 9, 1991 and also died September 11, 2004. Solar was bred and had by Jerome Cushman and also Frederickk Nuernberg. Solar was among 3 puppies in the trash. His rather one-of-a-kind color influenced his name. On his neck, shoulders as well as flanks he had a dark red undercoat with a black overlay of hard layer. Often times he has actually tossed this characteristic coat shade. He was Champions Canine under court Sari Brewster Tietjen at the national specialty in 1992.

Pet Health Care – Why You Should Bring Your New Puppy To The Vet

Springtime is new young puppy time and also the warmer weather condition commonly motivates people to make a four-legged enhancement to the family members. When choices have been made regarding which breed and also gender you want as well as your brand-new canine friend has been introduced into its new house, it is time to take your young puppy to a very first pet health examination with your veterinarian.

What You Need To Know About Heartworm and Prevention

Heartworm illness is a severe problem that impacts pets as well as various other pets. It is spread by mosquitoes as well as it occurs in all fifty states in the U.S. Left without treatment, it can be harmful.

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