3 Games Dogs LOVE That Tire Them Out WITHOUT Walking

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for fun ways to exercise your dog. Getting your dog enough exercise can sometimes mean that you need to do more than just go for a walk! If you have a dog in training, you can use exercise alongside your walking on leash training to make sure you don’t waste any of your time with sub-par walking! Having a well-exercised dog at home also means you’ll have fewer nuisance behaviors to deal with. Tired dogs get into less trouble than dogs who are stuck at home, full of energy! What’s most important is that your dog ENJOYS their exercise, and by following the steps mentioned in this video, you can even strengthen your relationship and listening skills with your pup. The beauty of these tips for exercising your dog indoors is that you can do these exercises with any breed of dog at any age. In this video, Instructor Carol (a 5X World Champion Of Disc Dog) will teach you how to do some of the exercises that she does at home with her own world champion pups!

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00:00 3 Games Your Dog Will LOVE That Tires Them Out Without Walking
00:44 Dog Training Is About Motivation
01:17 Teaching Your Dog To Find It – Step 1
03:14 Teaching Your Dog To Find It – Step 2
03:48 Teaching Your Dog To Find It – Step 3
05:01 Dog Training Needs Options
05:39 Teaching Your Dog To Target – Step 1
08:34 Teaching Your Dog To Target – Step 2
09:40 Teaching Your Dog To Target – Step 3
10:53 Teaching Your Dog To Target – Step 4
11:33 Dinnertime Exercise With A Treat Trainer
12:25 Introducing A Treat Trainer
13:24 Building Distance With A Treat Trainer
13:57 What If Your Dog Won’t Leave The Treat Trainer?
14:45 For Dogs, An Active Life Is A Healthy Life
15:25 Indoor Fitness Exercises For Dogs

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