3 Skills Your Dog MUST HAVE to Listen OFF LEASH

One goal for any dog owner is that you can teach your dog to listen off-leash. Whether the leash is attached to the collar or not, you want your dog to have the same happy and motivated response regardless of the location or the number of distractions in the environment. One commonly overlooked part of the training process however is making sure all of the necessary skills are in place before starting the off-leash training. In this video, Instructor Steve will show you the 3 MUST-HAVE skills that your dog is going to need before you begin to teach them to listen without their leash on. These are the kinds of dog training skills that every dog should have, and these off-leash skills are something that need to be practiced in short, fun training sessions with the leash ON to start!

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00:00 3 Skills To Teach Your Dog To Listen Off-Leash
01:13 Teach Your Dog To Respond To Its Name
07:53 Teach Your Dog To Leave It
11:59 Teach Your Dog To Come To You

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