In this episode, I am joined by Voice Actor and Disney Legend, Bill Farmer.

Known for his work as Goofy, Pluto, and many more, Bill has inspired millions to chase their dreams. Filling us with joy and love, Bill’s impact can be seen through generations. Truly representing the mission of #betterhumansbetterplanet

The Pack and I had so much fun hosting Bill at the Dog Psychology Center. Bill met Lorenzo our Llama, Rio, and many more of the pack.

Learn more about Bill’s story in the video!

Thank you for watching!

00:22 – Introducing Bill!
00:53 – Did Bill have a dog growing up?
01:20 – Is Goofy a cow? & Pluto’s Origin Story!
02:48 – Bill walks Lorenzo! If you can walk a llama, you can walk a dog!
03:53 – What does the Goofy character mean to Bill!
05:12 – Bill’s Success Story
06:22 – The importance of your Inner Child
07:16 – What is the secret to Voice Acting?
08:02 – Bill shares his different voices!
10:00 – Bill teaches me how to sound like Pluto and more!
10:55 – Bill’s most obscure voice!
11:24 – The Importance of Creativity in Voice Acting
12:55 – Bill shares his new TV show, It’s A Dog’s Life!


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Better Humans, Better Planet
Trust, Respect, Love

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