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Dog training, especially the best one, requires consistent consistency and repetition. It is the same when training a puppy. Proven dog and puppy training methods are proving to work because they have been tried and tested. In fact, they have helped thousands of people, dogs and owners alike, be successful in teaching their canine friends how to behave. Most professional trainers will have at least a passing knowledge of these types of training methods. They will often tell you that they’ve tried them before and have not found the most effective method, but what is the best method? Many of these methods are actually the same techniques used in conventional dog and puppy training methods but are much more positive in tone, making your dog feel happy and safe around you.

Basic Dog Training Techniques: The key takeaways Better professional trainers will have changed to more positive methods, which are supported by sound science and create a stronger relationship with your dog. When hiring a professional trainer, know what questions to ask to determine their training style and pick the most reliable, experience, and safest option available. As with most things in life, you need to be willing to try new things to see if they work. Don’t be afraid to ask the trainer any questions you may have before or after the training. If there is an issue with a particular method, be sure to ask why it didn’t work. It is important that they are honest about their techniques so you can be assured you are getting the most from them.

Some of the best methods for proven dog and puppy training include positive reinforcement and positive expectations. Both are designed to help owners train their dogs and puppies while keeping them safe. Positive expectations create a level of trust that allows the dog to learn to recognize the correct behavior at an earlier age. This can only be good news for both the owner and the dog. No dog or puppy is going to learn anything new if they’re not taught to do something right the first time. By teaching your pet the proper way to behave, it can help them grow into a well-adjusted, socially-functional member of society.