Afternoon Puppy Trick Training #Shorts

Do you sometimes wonder why dog trainers spend so much time and energy on puppy trick training? Take a quick look at what we were doing this afternoon with Euchre. Confidence, skill, food focus, and all sorts of other beneficial skills can be learned/reinforced in a few minutes of training! This YouTube #shorts video captures a few seconds of a training session that lasted only about 5 minutes.

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Happy Training! ~Ken

Dog Training Advice For Your Best Friend

When it comes to discovering the correct dog training recommendations for your canine friend, the very best location to in fact gather all that information is the World Wide Internet. Another element that needs to be taken into consideration is that there is much in the means of getting information through blogs and forums as well as newsletters too.

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It is approximated that animal proprietors forget to get 4 million lots of pet waste yearly. That’s 500,000 elephants. Aside from the reality that these numbers are huge which’s a LOT of poop you’re taking the chance of stepping in, this waste permeates right into dirt, contaminates water by swamping it with germs as well as washes up onto beaches where your kids are playing.

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We have discovered that incentive training, which is a popular training approach with professional dog instructors, is optimal for the Wheaten. The principle is simple: as well as, throughout the training session he is compensated with a yummy treat and also great deals of appreciation and also affection when he does what you asked him to do.

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