Aggressive German Shepherd Lunges at Dog and Tries to Bite Me

Aggressive German Shepherd X lunges at other dogs and tries to bite me during this training session.

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This lesson covers Red a German Shepherd mix who is reactive / aggressive on the leash to other dogs and then redirects to me. Red is a very high prey driven dog and Will has had some issues with this drive. We did a session a few weeks back that really got Red better controlled so we were able to bring in Jimi for a casual introduction. You’ll see Red’s initial reaction and how we were able to manage and modify his drives with some simple corrections and rewards.

Understanding how and why a dog acts aggressive is a key to solving the problem. Is it aggression or just a dog being dominantly playful? What’s the difference and how do we handle to difference? How much correction is too much and how much is NOT enough? What are the best tools to use? Prong collar? Electric e-collar? Praise, treats, rewards?

In this video you’ll get a great idea on the methodology I’ve used on countless shelter dogs to help them learn structure and good behavior. If you want to see the full version of this video, check out my online dog training lessons at:

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