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The dog training industry is on the fringe of widespread regulation. Infomercials, reality TV, franchises, and social media pop marketing are front and center to the public eye.

The widespread banning of training equipment, such as prong and E-collars, are becoming more common in developed countries as the public determines that such things should not be used. It is not hard to determine how this is happening. After all, who is front and center to the public’s social media feeds and TV screens? Is it the most responsibly trained professional trainers or the best professional marketers?

Purely positive, balanced training, Kohler method, and countless trademarked styles of dog training can be a lot for anyone to sift through that is in need of dog training.

To make matters more difficult, since there is no regulation, how does a person seeking help really know that the trainer they choose is knowledgeable enough to provide fair guidance and choices.

Unfortunately, marketing will prevail in an unregulated industry when there is no organization policing claims such as:

“Positive dog training. Best results without using pain or fear!”

“Happy and balanced off-leash trained dog in 10 days!”

“Aggression problems fixed in one training session!”

The video below will be of use to anyone who is confused by the marketing and perhaps desperate for training help. The video talks about different “types” of trainers and also has an unedited group class.

Why did I put a whole unedited group class? It is mainly to show that there is nothing to hide when a trainer is helping the public and their dogs responsibly. After the video, I put a full playlist of EVERY major step we use in training a dog to “heel” off-leash from treats training to E-collar training. To show there is nothing to sell, the information is yours. But, most of all, there should be nothing to ban when a trainer is not scared to show prong and E-collar training unedited.

If you are in the industry and you care about your profession, ask yourself who gives the industry a bad name? Are they really looking out for the clients, their dogs, and the industry? Who will get our tools banned? In my opinion, it is the uneducated dog trainers on both ends of the spectrum. Those that don’t know how to use the tools bringing attention to those who also don’t know how to use the tools but use them anyway. Why not ban uneducated trainers from offering professional service if they cannot pass simple tests on canine behavior, husbandry, learning theory, and proper tool use? How about a code of ethics that focuses on the humane treatment of the dog and the owner?

Most respected professions have some sort of industry standard for a real reason. It is for the protection of not only the consumer but also of the hard working professional. Without standards, everyday life would be filled with navigating through quacks and hacks. At the very least it is a public safety issue.

If there is not a push for higher standards, the industry will implode and everyone suffers. Educated professional trainers need to separate themselves from the hacks in the industry.

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