Battle to Make Old Dog’s Final Years Peaceful | It’s Me or the Dog

Rocky is a dog in old age, being a whopping 14 years old! But his retirement is anything but peaceful, as bully Princess makes his life one of regular stress, especially at feeding time! Can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell find a way to patch things up between this fighting pair?

It’s Me or the Dog USA (Season 2, Episode 10)



It’s Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


10 Practical Dog Training Tips

Have you ever before wished you had a pet like Lassie that would certainly rescue you from damages way? Or fetch the early morning paper for you? Pets are like people because they have special personalities and also hence there are nobody typical means of training your animal yet below are 10 basic regulations to bear in mind when teaching your pet dog to be your dedicated friend:

The Unfortunate Truth About Feeding Your Dog Table Scraps

There is a lot of conflict on the planet of pet dog people as to what to feed your Boxer pet. The dog-food industry is a multi-million-dollar one, loaded with selections for your canine. From wet or completely dry commercial foods to all-natural and also raw foods, there are numerous choices to make. One concern that is regularly increased about feeding one’s Fighter is, should you feed your Boxer table scraps?

How to Tell Your Neighbor Their Dog’s Barking Annoys You

A bark collar is an effective way to assist with the trouble of any pet dog barking in your neighborhood. Although it might not be your canine that is causing the disruption, any canine barking can interrupt rest, as well as make life really tough. There are lots of reasons canines bark; often they do it out of boredom. This issue must be resolved asap, as it can quickly turn into an actual headache for every person.

Finding Symptoms of and Treating Leptospirosis in Dogs

Leptospirosis is an illness triggered by different stress of Leptospira interrogans sensu lato microorganisms. It can be a fatal condition as well as can be gotten by a pet of any kind of age. Some symptoms of Leptospirosis are high fever, depression, jaundice, dehydration, muscle and/or stomach pain. Depending on the stress, it can cause kidney and/or liver damages, as well as may lead to intense renal failing and ultimately death of the pet.

How Do Dog Years Compare to Human Years?

The expression “canine years” is a familiar one, one that we have probably all utilized eventually. Many individuals like to think that there is a certain and basic length of time that defines a “dog year,” however that is not the case. A pet dog’s life span is different according to a number of different aspects. The type and also size of the canine is a crucial one; a distinction in size and also breed can suggest years in this situation. Nutrition, health problems as well as injuries endured, and setting all play a function, also, in the length of time you can expect a pet dog to live.

Top Tips For Feeding Your Pooch to Keep Him Happy and Healthy

When you get a dog, you may think all you need to do is grab some food, put it in a dish, and provide it to your pet. To keep your dog healthy and balanced and pleased, you require to feed your pet thoroughly.

Choosing Puppy Kennels Before Boarding Your Dog

The relevance of visiting a young puppy kennel boarding facility prior to you board your dog there while you take a trip. This covers what criteria to look for during your go to.

Dog Clippers Tips

If you have a dog that requires a great deal of journeys to the groomers, well, you understand it can be costly, so getting your own collection of pet clippers and clipping your pet on your own might seem like an excellent concept. It must save you money and a great deal of headache.

Tapeworm – Symptoms of Tapeworms in Dogs

Learning to identify the signs and symptoms of tapeworms simply might conserve your pets life. If your pet has tapeworms you’ll wish to get this condition fixed as quickly as feasible. Not just are tapeworms gross yet they make your dog very awkward. Simply the really thought about worms living within me offers me the willies.

Natural Ways to Cure Diabetes in Dogs – Use a Combination

There are couple of all-natural ways to treat diabetic issues in pets. Not completely. Actually, there are no unnatural ways to treat diabetic issues, either. So the natural means offer you a far better long term option. As well as by integrating the ideal of these, you can be sure you’re doing your greatest.

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