Be CALM and LISTEN in NEW PLACES – for puppies and adult dogs

How to teach a puppy or adult dog to be calmer and listen in new places.

This video goes over how to lower arousal and reduce stress for dogs and puppies when visiting new locations. When a dog is stressed or over-excited it can make a dog unable to take food and less likely to be able to listen to cues. So by teaching dogs to be calmer when out and about it makes training easier as well as makes listening to you more reliable. This training will make it much easier to work on loose leash walking as a lot of the time dogs who have a hard time walking on a loose leash are pulling because they are over-aroused or stressed when in new environments.

Calm settle:
Teach a little dog to go in a travel crate:
Attention game:
Attention noise:
Leash pressure game:

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