Being a considerate dog owner

This footage was taken from far away of two strangers in the park while I was setting up with my dogs to film a video. It is very common to have loose dogs run at your dog when you are in a public space where dogs are supposed to be on leash by law. Sadly not all dogs can cope with a loose dog running at them while on leash, this video outlines the points of why you should be compassionate to not only the other dogs in public spaces but also your own. As you can see you can train your dogs to “cope” with being trapped and approached by loose dogs. But this video is mainly to teach people to be considerate of other dogs in your environment and help them out by setting them up to succeed. Politely asking if your dog can ‘say hi” while you are 10-20 feet away, is a great way to begin letting your dog greet a strangers dog.

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