Belgian Malinois vs Novice Handler – Teaching TUG to your DOG

You’ve never played tug unless you’ve played tug with a Belgian Malinois. In this video Goofy takes on Harold in a game of tug. Harold is learning the game of tug to play with Rio his Alano Español. He came for a lesson and I brought Goofy out to help him understand the game better.

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What does it take to play tug? To get a dog to understand tug? You can make or break the game with your dog if you don’t know some basic points. In this video I break it down to some very simple steps. You’ll see as Goofy and I coach Harold along the journey of proper tug play with the worlds greatest tugger, the Belgian Mal.

Remember, not every dog will tug. For example our dog Jimi the black Labrador Retriever will not tug under any conditions. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make a dog into something he’s not. Be happy with the dog you have.

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