Can Ketogenic Dog Food Cure Cancer? – EP.73

Ketogenic or Keto is a diet that removes sugars, including carbohydrates from the dog’s diet.

Dog food is a hot topic and one of the most common questions I get asked. People always ask me what I feed my dog, so in this video podcast I dedicated the entire show to the effects of diet, in particular carbs and sugars on the health of our dogs as well as ourselves.

Ron Penna is the founder of Quest Nutrition as well as Legendary Foods and Visionary Pet Foods. His mission in life is to find the secrets to health and longevity. Ron is the founder of The Keto Pet Sanctuary:
an amazing project that put a theory to the test. Can a Keto Diet Cure Cancer? The answer may surprise you. In this chat I ask some tough questions and get some amazing answers from Ron. Ron is one of the most fascinating people I’ve met and is a treasure chest of knowledge. You’ll probably want to watch this video a few times and get a pen and paper ready, cause you’ll want to take notes.

If you’d like to try the Visionary Pet Food, Ketogenic Diet, use this link:
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I would suggest talking with a vet for serious medical advice. In no way am I suggesting that you should not seek medical advice and only change your dog’s diet, but I am a believer that switching your dog to a balanced ketogenic diet will help any medical treatments you’re going through and could help prevent some sicknesses in advance.

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