What Is the Best Way to Train Your Dog?

There are many ways to train your dog. Whether you want your dog to be obedient, or you want to improve your relationship with them, there are several methods to choose from. These include Positive reinforcement, Relationship-based training, and Private lessons. Choosing the right method is an important decision. Positive reinforcement There are two major … Read more

Should I Train My Dog Myself Or Get A Trainer?

There are pros and cons of in-home dog training. In this article we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of in-home dog training, the Dominance Theory, and alternatives to e-collar training. But before we go further, it’s important to understand the basics of dog training. Disadvantages of in-home dog training In-home dog training is a good … Read more

What Is The Best Dog Training Method?

There are a variety of methods for training your dog. These include Positive reinforcement, Aversion-based training, and Clicker training. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and each has a specific set of skills you must master in order to train your dog. Let’s examine each method in detail and see which one works best … Read more

Can I Train My Dog To Be A Service Dog For Myself?

There are a few requirements to train your dog to be a service dog. First, the dog must be able to focus for long periods of time. This is important for learning commands because distractions can make it hard for the dog to focus on one task. This is especially dangerous if you’re teaching the … Read more

How to Potty Train an Older Dog

It is possible to train an older dog. The good news is that it is easier than training a puppy. Learn how to potty train an older dog and teach your dog a trick. Even if you don’t have the patience to train a puppy, there are still plenty of tips and tricks for an … Read more

Should I Train My Dog Myself?

Choosing to train your dog yourself is a wise choice, as you will know your pet better than anyone else, and you can focus on the important things. Outsourcing your training would be a waste of your time, and a stranger would have to spend the time learning about your pet and choosing the right … Read more

What Method Do Dog Trainers Use?

Dog training methods differ in their effectiveness and a variety of methods can be used to train a dog. Some trainers use the traditional Model-Rival method, while others prefer positive reinforcement techniques. Traditional dog training is the most effective for a strong male owner or a single male in the household. However, this technique has … Read more

What Are the 7 Basic Dog Commands?

Dog obedience training involves teaching your dog certain commands. These commands include Sit, Stay, Heel, and Come. These commands are essential for your dog’s good behavior and safety. It is important to keep your commands short and precise. If you give the same command too many times, your dog may learn to ignore it. Sit … Read more

What Method Of Training Does Bark Busters Use?

The method of training that Bark Busters uses is a unique growly yell. The method is based on defining what is considered a moderate punishment, and what is considered a harsh punishment. The method works for all breeds of dogs. The process also emphasizes positive reinforcement and desensitization/counter conditioning. Desensitization/counter conditioning The desensitization/counter conditioning method … Read more

When Is It Too Late To Start Training A Dog?

There are many reasons to start training your dog at an early age. Approximately half of my clients bring in their dogs as 8 or 10 year olds. I know some owners who train their puppies with basic manners and obedience, only to discover issues years later. The best way to prevent this is to … Read more