Create calm markers! A tip from my dog training seminar

My lovely mentor Kyle Rayon, taught me to use calm markers. I not only like to work on behavior modification but also activities with dogs that are very arousing- Canine Freestyle for example. Because I also love to train my dogs to be calm and relaxed in social environments, I found that by choosing my markers wisely, I could really speed up the training process and get the best of both worlds- Calm when not ‘working’ or as I would call ‘playing’ and the right level of arousal during training. This is another tip- your dogs cues can cause conditioned emotional responses too, so choose which cues you will use in different scenarios wisely! 🙂

I know that you think I have forgotten about creating a video- teaching an upsidedown settle and a video on trimming black nails, but I am STILL going to do them!!! haha, I just dont have as much time as I hoped for, and this video was a lot quicker to edit. SO I could slip this little nugget of information to you while you wait ever so patiently.

What Should I Put on My Pet Dog’s ID Tag?

So you have actually brought your little bundle of joy house as well as he is clearing up in with the household perfectly. You have got him his very own little dish, bed, lead & collar.

Adding a Maltese Dog to Your Family

Thinking of obtaining a maltese dog for your household? Keep reading to figure out why they make excellent family members pet dogs for kids, where they stemmed from and exactly how to care for them.

10 Tips to Help You Find a Good Australian Shepherd Breeder

Locating a great reliable dog breeder of Australian Shepherds is not always simple. This article supplies 10 necessary ideas to help you recognize which breeder is excellent and which one isn’t.

Superior Dog Food Recipes

Why gamble that the pet food you are making use of is harmful, harmful, or contains artificial active ingredients when you can make pet dog food by yourself? For centuries people have actually utilized the same active ingredients they cook in their own food, in food for their animals! There are a countless quantity of pet food dishes to pick from, so it depends on you to locate the one that fits best in your time restrictions, budget, and most significantly the one that your canine suches as ideal.

How to Stop Your Dog From Constantly Barking

Dog driving you crazy with her compulsive barking? Does she bark at every living thing strolling by? Drive your next-door neighbors insane? Or make you feel guilty? The response is simple, however not constantly simple. Begin training your canine to be much more at peace with these 6 easy steps.

The Growing Trend Of Chihuahua Clothing

Chihuahua clothing is available in a variety of styles, colors and quickly suits any type of type of weather. People who are the owners of a Chihuahua can have lots of fun things to do such as purchasing Chihuahua garments, Chihuahua training and so forth.

What Age Should I Start Obedience Training My Puppy?

Puppies are like little sponges. They soak up whatever that is taking place around them. What you want is for them, is to be exposed to as lots of positive experiences as feasible, so their habits are proper as they grow right into a courteous, well-adjusted adult pet.

My Experience As the Owner of a Barking Dog

Having a pet is a wonderful experience. I f you have a canine that is a barker, you understand exactly how frustrating it can be to search for a way to quit your dog from barking. This is a quick review of my experience in discovering means to quit my barking canine.

Describing Ringworm In Dogs And How It Is Treated

Ringworm in pets is an usual infection brought on by a fungi called microsporum canis. It is defined by round hairless rings as well as they primarily show up on the pet’s tail, paws, ears, face as well as legs. In humans, the rings take an excellent shape also when they are totally expanded.

Symptoms and Treatments for Arthritis in Dogs

Dog joint inflammation is an usual condition that is seen most commonly in pets that are older, obese as well as relatively non-active, however more youthful animals can also deal with this condition. Some cases are hereditary and occur in animals with hip dysplasia. There is no cure for degenerative joint disease yet there are options available to vets for therapy which will improve top quality of life.

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