Cute canine freestyle trick!

Halo learns the canine freestyle trick of weaving through my arms. By watching the video you can learn how to do the trick if you are a pro, but if you need more guidance I suggest watching the tutorial I created that goes into more depth of how to train this trick after watching this video:

The first time I was really impressed by this trick was in 2012 when canine freestyler Vanda Gregorova and her Chihuahua Enrisa Orlen performed it in their routine. You can see her winning routine here:

I hope this video inspires you to train tricks with your dog!
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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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Does Your Dog Need a Dog Bed?

Like human beings, family pets need treatment, love and comfort to lead healthy and balanced and delighted lives. Where your pet sleeps can have a huge impact on its health and wellness and also routines, so it’s something you require to consider extremely thoroughly.

The Balancing Act of Safe And Healthy Pet Food

There comes a point when we have to go back and actually examine what is going on around us, and attempt to establish what the most effective program of action ought to be. I go to that factor now with the pending federal government regulation as well as behind the scenes methods being made use of to prevent making use of raw meat diets. In between the new government safety and security concerns being passed and the impact of huge pet dog food manufacturers on the AVMA, we are dealing with an uphill struggle.

Why Is Cage Free Boarding Better for Your Dog Than a Pet Sitter?

Family pet sitting ended up being popular years back as an alternative to utilizing the typical design boarding kennels. People really felt that having their dogs in their very own residences was much better for them than being in a kennel cage for hours at a time. It’s understandable that a pet dog proprietor would assume this, yet there are many reasons why it is much better and much safer for your pet to board them at a kennel.

Pain Relief For Dogs – Naturally

Discomfort alleviation for pets must not be watched similarly you see your very own discomfort. Pet dogs really feel pain in the exact same means you do, yet they manage it in a really various means. When you recognize this principle, you remain in a much better position to help your canine.

3 Simple Steps To Leash Train Your Puppy

Quickly the favorite activity for every single dog and their proprietor is choosing strolls – however to do that, you require to chain train them as a young puppy initially. If you have actually never possessed a pet dog prior to then it may be simple to assume that they merely come that means, though even behavior that appears totally natural needs to be educated to them first. Basically, you require to train your pup to like the chain – but when they understand this means opting for strolls this should not be also tough.

Simple Ideas To Stop Your Dog Jumping In No Time

Among one of the most usual issues experienced by pet proprietors is their pet dog raising on them. For some this is quite welcome actions as well as is in fact motivated, though for others it can become incredibly aggravating and possibly also hazardous. This is specifically true for huge pet dogs who have the possible to conveniently overturn a person and even do them harm.

Why Dog Clothes Are Beneficial for Your Pet

Some dogs have difficulty adapting to various environments, season, as well as weather so, much like humans, they may need an additional layer. Dog clothing are useful to your pet because they assist him to keep warm/cool and shield him from the aspects.

Do You Really Love Me? Does It Matter?

From the perspective of habits and also habits modification nonetheless, my inquiry is a moot point! It really matters little if my dogs enjoy me since what actually regulates behavior (any kind of habits: our pets, your own or mine) is MOTIVATION.

How to Use Dog Treats and Supplements Wisely

Similar to with humans, particular pet dog wellness problems can be provided support through dietary supplements. With this in mind, each pet also has different dietary requirements as well as might require different quantities of minerals, fat, or fiber then other canines. So bear in mind, feeding your canine pre-packaged pet dog food, he might not get a sufficient quantity of optimum nutrition.

First Aid Can Save Your Dog’s Life, and You Can Learn How

Could you aid your canine in an emergency scenario? You can conveniently find out exactly how, no complicated treatments are needed just fundamental abilities and also one of the most vital ingredient of all, your knowledge of your dog. All “human” emergency situation solutions depend on technique as well as preparation and with a pet dog this is just as vital. If you practice some straightforward procedures with your healthy and balanced pet dog, after that when you have to do it for actual both you as well as your canine will certainly be much better able to continue to be calm. Most of us know just how great canines go to reading body language, they are masters of that ability, so if you are calm as well as ready you will provide him the reassurance that is vital to his recovery as well as can in fact conserve his life.

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