Does your dog have these manners?

This video is a sneak peek of the exercises in the Weekly Manners Program you can find on my website

Here is a link to the FREE SAMPLE of Week One – Taking Treats Nicely from the Weekly Manners membership program. Simply click on the link and you will see the write up on how to train your dog these games as well as a full in depth video. Enjoy!

If you wish to learn more about the membership, check it out below!

Training manners can sometimes get put on the back burner when there are so many other things to do and train. The idea behind this program is to motivate not just pet dog owners but also trainers and those competing in sports to work more on their dog’s manners. Working on manners in training sessions instead of just managing the situations as they happen makes living together more enjoyable and less stressful for both dogs and humans.

Here is a list of the 20 tutorials:
Take treats nicely – FREE SAMPLE
Teach your dog how to ask for something he wants in a polite way
Door manners – Getting ready for an outing
Wait on a loose leash or near you off leash after exiting the car
After being called, stay with you until released
Doggie dinner manners
Manners when humans cook and eat dinner
Manners while playing tug
Loose leash walking obstacle course around food and toy distractions
Manners while playing fetch
Lay on mat with distractions
Café manners
Drop whatever you have in your mouth
Waiting for the traffic light and crossing the road
Pass dogs and people on a walk as a training setup
Greeting people politely
Manners when visiting a friend’s house
‘Ill be back’ – calmly wait for your return in new places
Happily move off furniture when asked
Take turns – leave other dogs, kids or humans playing with toys

Dog Rawhide Chews: Tasty and Safe When Used Properly

Rawhide chews are a terrific means to offer your dog an electrical outlet to please their natural chewing propensities while at the same time the rawhide chews assist maintain tartar as well as oral plaque down. However, as with any pet dog treat there are specific things the pet proprietor needs to be knowledgeable about to guarantee the safety of their pet dog.

Educating The Owner About Seizures In Dogs

Pet dogs remain in most families in the USA. Pet dogs are a popular pet dog. They end up being a loving household participant. Some canines display health and wellness problems throughout their life time. Seizures in pets is rather typical. There are various kinds as well as causes. There are distinct symptoms along with lots of treatments for the problem.

Causes And Treatments Of Seizures In Dogs

Pet dog proprietors like their family pets. A pooch is a finest buddy and also a relative. Individuals like their canines very much, and also when they see their pet having a seizure, they typically obtain very dismayed and afraid. Seizures in dogs can be very terrifying, however they are additionally an extremely common scenario. Many family pets have them, as well as they sometimes even go unnoticed for the pet’s entire life. Understanding concerning what is taking place, as well as what can be done about it will considerably reduce your feelings.

Five Essential Dog Clothes and Accessories

Dog clothes and also accessories are severe organization nowadays. So today I am going to review a few essential items that you might have overlooked …

Learning To Cope With Seizures In Dogs

Seizures in dogs can be a worrying event for the owner or carer. Learning about what they are and also the various kinds can assist you to comprehend why they are taking place and what to search for before one more one happens. You need to discover what you can do as well as what you should not do if you witness one. There are things which you might do to assist your pet via their recuperation and also a diagnosis and treatment strategy can be talked about with your vet.

Essential Information On Seizures In Dogs

Anybody who has had the regrettable experience of witnessing their pet dog have a seizure understands the defenseless, terrifying feeling that goes along with the experience. Recognizing more about the causes of seizures in dogs as well as exactly how they must be dealt with can assist decrease the regularity of the attacks and might quit them completely.

Cedar Dog Houses: Sturdy, Durable Style for Your Pooch

If you have made a decision to treat your precious family members pooch to a new little house of his/her very own in the yard, you no question have actually started exploring the lots of choices offered. Maybe one of the largest choices you will certainly have to make as you look around is the product that the new dog residence will certainly be made out of.

Teacup Yorkshires Are a Great Idea for Pets

Teacup Yorkshires are small terrier pets that weigh in at a tiny 5 extra pounds at the most. If you prepare to own among these as pets, there is a wonderful offer of details you will certainly require to understand about them. As opposed to assumption, these are not a breed of pets, however rather teacup Yorkshire terrier dog breeders intentionally mate their pet dogs with little varieties to maintain them sized in this way.

Tips in Choosing Alluring Dog Toy Balls

You must be asking yourself why we still need to adhere to some ideas or guidelines in choosing which appealing pet plaything rounds to buy for your animal, when as a matter of fact, there are large of products out there to select from, right? Well, the factor behind is to make certain safety, resilience, and also fun.

Dog Food Delivery – Maximizing Its Benefits

Canine food shipment service with the Internet conserves you the headache of making a trip to the pet shop as well as loading that sack of kibbles considering over 10 kilos. You only require to browse through as well as surf via the magazine to select your animal’s brand and range to make a purchase. You can even do the purchasing in your jammies. To those that are brand-new to this solution, here are some fundamental info and tips to help you make your purchase without any type of issue as well as maximize its advantages.

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