Does your dog PULL right after getting a treat? – Loose leash walking

Stop pulling on leash right after getting a treat for walking nicely.

This video is a sneak peak of one of many interesting techniques I will be presenting at the Pet Professional Guild’s Summit to train Leash Walking. I am very excited to be speaking and I believe there are still some tickets left! Here is a video I made about the Summit :

The Pet Professional Guild’s Summit is in Tampa, Florida Nov 11-13 2015. To get a ticket to the event go to

This technique needs to be used in conjunction with other techniques. It doesn’t teach your dog to walk on a loose leash, it teaches your dog to show impulse control and not forge ahead after receiving reinforcement when training on a walk. Videos on the first steps to training leash walking are here:

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Wet or Dry Dog Food?

Damp and dry canine foods are one of the most usual kinds of pet food there is. Each has their advantages and also downsides and also the most effective means to decide which one is ideal for your friend is by trying out. In this write-up I’ll explain pros and disadvantages of both types of pet food as well as let you choose which one is the more sufficient for your pet(s).

Choosing the Right Dog Food for Your Buddy

Picking the most appropriate feed for your canine(s) is without a doubt one of the most essential decision you will certainly create him or her. Occasionally it takes months till you find the right food kind and brand name to feed your canine(s) with. It is a long weary procedure well worth the effort to guarantee a healthy future for your buddies.

Prevent Your Dog Going Astray With a Wireless Dog Fence

Every pet owner requires a simple pet dog fencing, cordless or not. These fencings ensures that their priceless pets are risk-free while they are doing something else. Therefore, these fencings are excellent for dog proprietors that frequently find themselves as well busy to enjoy over their pet dogs.

How To Housebreak Your New Puppy

Canine training does not have to be a trial. There are several simple pointers and tricks to training your canine. 1) conditioning your pet for residence training 2) satisfying your brand-new young puppy or grown-up canine for doing his business outside. 3) rewarding the pet with new eat toys for not scratching up or chewing your furnishings. 4) utilizing therapy techniques like, the dog fetching the Frisbee or the sphere to keep his focus.

Caring For Your Dog – Making The Decision To Become A Multiple Dog Family

Taking care of your dog is time consuming, as well as if you’re taking into consideration having even more than one canine you’ll need to have more info. Keep reading to discover what you need to think about before bringing a second pet dog right into your home.

Loose Leash Walking Tips

Loosened leash walking is great for your canine; well almost comparable to being off the leash completely however just how do the other people on the pavement or in the park really feel concerning your dog being so loosely held. Right here are some loose chain walking pointers to make your stroll with your dog an enjoyment for him, for you and for those around you.

Breeders Of Golden Retrievers – How To Tell The Difference Between Good And Bad Breeders

You’ve been talking with your household about getting a pet dog. You’ve done some study, and now you’ve made a decision that a stunning Golden Retriever would certainly be the right canine for your family members. Do not decide of where to get your canine gently, though.

Best Great Dane and Large Breed Dog Walking Collars

Do you dread taking your Fantastic Dane or large type pet dog for a walk? Is it tough to inform that is taking that for a stroll?

Treatment for Dog Allergies

Canine allergies is just one of the conditions in pets that creates discomfort and also, if not protected against might cause infections. When it concerns pain, your pet can obtain frustrated due to a whole lot of itching as well as scratching which is the typical signs and symptoms of dog allergic reactions. But how does a canine get allergies?

Find Out What’s In The Bad Dog Food Brands

Picking what to feed your dog can seem a little frustrating as well as it often may boil down to preparing his/her food yourself. At the minimum, getting some serious education concerning the excellent as well as negative pet dog food brand names, and also what components your dog’s food ought to and also need to not include.

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