Dog Fosters Orphaned Kittens | Britain’s Favourite Dogs

This adorable Golden Retriever called Summer has a kind and gentle nature. Summer’s owner works at an animal shelter where she cares for orphaned kittens. One day Summer joined her owner at the kitten shelter and it’s there she found her natural calling. This Golden Retriever dog now fosters and cares for tiny orphaned kittens with her owner. It doesn’t matter that they are not puppies, her maternal instinct kicks in and she can’t help but care for them.

Britain’s Favourite Dogs profiles some of the best loved pooches from across the United Kingdom.

‘Britain’s Favourite Dogs – top 100’ was on ITV Tuesday 16th January. Watch again here :



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Re-live all the best bits of It’s Me Or The Dog. Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control.

Luxury Dog Beds

Dogs enjoy sleeping in a variety of weird positions along with areas. Some enjoy pushing their sides with feet of their bodies. Others crinkle their legs beneath them while snoozing.

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Winter Dog Training and Exercise Ideas

When it is difficult to work with your pet dog or properly exercise him, below are some ideas that can help. Tips on exercising and educating your canine during winter season climate.

Dog Training – The Best Way to Train Your Dog to Sit

Among the easiest and a lot of standard commands you can teach your pet is exactly how to rest. When you are strolling, playing or perhaps just in your home this command is really useful.

Dogs In Winter – The Precautions To Take

Wintertime has arrived, the days are short and also the temperature has actually dropped to the factor that it is chilly outside. We have the warmth on, a fire in the fire place, a warm cocoa to drink but what about our friend and loving friend, our pet dog. We need to take unique safety measures for them as well as ourselves.

Feature Length Article On Labrador Training and Care

An essential component of effective Labrador training comes from getting a better understanding of the breed. Labradors are normally lively, care free, as well as very attentive. They are likewise extremely alert and spirited, as well as they appreciate showering their proprietors with affection. The wish to please their owner is also a fundamental characteristic that makes Labradors a really charming type.

The Big Rude Girl: A Well Loved Dog

A homage to a terrific Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She was a beer swilling clown as well as well enjoyed by her household. She is still missed out on, even after 6 years.

Training Your Dog With Hand Signals

While training your pet dog to voice commands is vital to a well acted canine. It is likewise an excellent concept to educate your dog with hand signals too.

Exterminate Dog Odor – Specialty Pet Products

Control unwanted animal odor for a happier way of life. There are remedies to assist keep a balanced odor-free atmosphere.

Common Gun Dog Training Equipment

If you happen to have a canine belonging to the all-natural hunting types as well as you want to educate him to hunt, you will certainly require not only the right gun pet dog training tools, however also a great offer of patience and also training experience. This Write-up explains more concerning usual gun dog training tools.

Proper Care As Well As Maintenance Of Carts For Dogs

Paying carts for pets, outfitting their unique homes, in addition to assistance its residence animals. The above are instances of the components a dog’s family members will for the impaired canines. Despite whether it’s just for a short-term and also/ or prolonged situation-recovering in an injury, or possibly decrease in the employment of divisions many thanks to any sort of accident, or probably a degenerative illness-dog customers achieve one of the most lovely in order to adjust as well as caring for their own four-legged family.

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