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We have to thank you for subscribing to our channel and helping us to reach 100K subscribers. In this episode of the train station, we’re going to answer your dog training tips questions, and we’ll be available to help you with your specific dog training challenges! We will also take a look back at some of our videos you haven’t seen yet, and we’ll talk about how you would like us to help you move into the future with your dog and your dog training goals! Join us at 7:30 PM, EST to ask us your dog training questions! From puppy house training to jumping up, to walking on a loose leash, we’re here to chat about your current training challenges. Join professional dog trainers, Ken Steepe and Kayl McCann as we celebrate you, our amazing subscriber!

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How Snake Training Your Dog Works

The art of training a pet dog to keep away from poisonous serpents and just how it is completed. This method of training is ingrained in the pet dog’s memory, and will certainly last for as lengthy as your animal lives.

The Deadly Dog Disease, Canine Distemper

The dangerous canine distemper illness is once more in the news after 40 to 50 pets were euthanized at the Memphis Pet Sanctuary in a determined initiative to stem the break out of distemper there. This took place on the weekend of 26/27th March 2011. Extra heartbreaking news is the fact that the staying canines at the sanctuary are facing the same fate. It is believed that the shelter has a constant battle on its hands trying to manage sporadic episodes of the disease.

Make Your Dog One of Your Bridesmaids

Before determining what your dog bridesmaid will certainly use at your wedding, consider her character. Right here are some ideas.

Yoda’s Secret Dog Training Lesson

I went to my very first dog training course waaaay back in the 70’s. My parents had brought house a little unmanageable beagle mix that appreciated leaping, drawing on leash, peeing on the carpet and also bolting via any door anytime.

Lassie Has a New Look – Life With Smooth Collies

Possessing a Smooth Collie is an unique experience. These dedicated pet dogs are high in personality and energy, demand attention as well as can be the most hard-headed dogs you have actually ever before satisfied.

Benefits To You As You Walk Your Dog

Pets like to walk. Some individuals may not understand just how much a pet dog anticipates his “strolling time.” Pet dogs like walking so much that they will eagerly advise you when it is the time of day for their stroll.

Dog Begging – When It Gets To Be Annoying

Pet dog pleading obtained you worried? Figure out exactly how to stop a pleading pet dog faster than you can claim “great boy!”

Why Dogs Eat and Roll in Poop

A pet owner may gag or lose a little their satisfaction after discovering their pet hunting for their own, or an additional pet’s, feces. And to add fuel to the fire, you find your pet dog rolling in it! Breaking this routine ends up being challenging the moment your pet develops a rate of interest for this distasteful impulsion.

How To Rescue a Chihuahua

Are you wondering exactly how to rescue a Chihuahua? Doing so permits you to obtain a loyal brand-new family participant for life, and also assist a dog in requirement at the same time. In order to do so, though, you need to understand where to check out and recognize the correct steps to comply with.

How to Cope With a Fearful Dog

If you own a pet dog afraid of weird noises such as fireworks or thunder, it can be tough to function out exactly how to assist them best, as you’ll discover a broad array of views which vary from distracting your dog, to sedating them. However, while it is vital to know just how to cope with your dog while they remain in a frightened state, what is frequently missing out on is the longer term approaches that will reach the root of the issue and lower their anxiety or get rid of it entirely. Below we take a look at incorporating short-term strategies with long-term strategies to get the best results for your dog.

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