Dog Training with a Halti Collar – Intro (

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Support and Full on-leash control videos using the halti collar in our members area. Join our mailing list on our site to stay informed of free training videos. This video gives an intro to the head halter type training collars such as the gentle leader and halti. Teresa uses a halti in this video. She gives a quick review of the head halter type collars and shows how to get started using one. We have videos on how to get better on-leash control with the halti by using the collar to teach the formal commands: heel, sit, down, climb, and place. I hope you enjoy the video.

5 Golden Rules for Raising Happy, Healthy Baby Pugs

Pugs naturally are pleasant, caring as well as anxious to please their proprietors. They are also, persistent, stubborn and (yes, I’m saying it), high-maintenance. There are several things to remember when increasing delighted, healthy baby pugs, and there are 5 “Golden Policy” that I think in. I hope you locate these golden rule of thumbs practical as you start the joy-filled, heart-warming trip that is life with a pug.

Dog Training Tips – How to Choose a Veterinarian For Your Dog

Every canine owner will require to locate a good veterinarian to look into their pet on an annual basis. It’s likewise a great suggestion to head to the veterinarian before you start educating your pet dog. There may be wellness problems that you’ll require to find out about such as issues with the joints, bones, heart, or lungs.

Why Breed Standards Matter

I obtained into a semi-heated conversation concerning well known Puppy (Mill) Street. For those of you unknown AQHA Congress is the biggest horse program in the United States it takes place for 2 weeks and also has every class imaginable as well as whole lots and great deals of purchasing.

Dog Food Supplements – What They Are and Why Dogs Need Them

An excellent diet and appropriate nutrition are essential for a healthy and balanced dog. Just like humans, dogs need nutrients for appropriate growth as well as overall wellness. A dog food supplement can use the missing out on components your pet might be lacking from their pet dog food.

Ingredients in Dog Food: Additives to Avoid – Part 2

This is a two-part collection which analyzes some of the controversial active ingredients in dog food. Specifically, Part 1 takes a look at BHA and also BHT as well as Component 2 checks out ethoxquin, propyl gallate as well as propylene glycol. Pet foods with these ingredients are commonly offered a reduced rating and also should be stayed clear of.

Are You Digging It?

Part of having a pet is discovering a method to maintain them from digging up your lawn. Here are some easily to implement solutions that make a large effect.

This Thanksgiving, Let’s Give Thanks For Dogs

With the Thanksgiving vacation upon us, it’s always that time of year when we mirror on our numerous blessings in life. Certain, several of us are feeling the squeeze of the current financial climate. Yet nonetheless, we have food, garments, sanctuary, enjoyed ones – as well as, that resource of relentless sunlight – our canine.

Are You In Control Of Your Dog’s Eating Habits?

What you feed your pet dog is not necessarily established by his breed however much more significantly his age, task as well as health. Additionally, end up being a tag visitor so you know what is in the canine food you acquire.

Your Canine Is Listening – But Your Hardly Talking The Right Words

Countless individuals select to locate dogs for his/her young people as gifts. This is a wonderful approach to instruct a young kid obligation. A pet requires to be educated by a grown-up before they are provided to a youngster, to make certain that they understand the method to act and do not harm the kid accidentally. Becoming individual, but extended and assertiveness is the vital to training your pet dog to behave nicely. Behavior training gets here with incentives as well as punishments, as well as you can not quit, or the dog will not modify.

WAHL ARCO SE Dog Clipper Reviewed

Specific types of dogs need regular clipping and care. For example, you simply can not possess a poodle without sending it to be brushed or clipping him on your own. If you want to reduce the prices of brushing your canine good friend after that, you will certainly intend to consider the advantages of using the Wahl ARCO SE canine clipper. This clipper makes brushing your canine much less of a duty as the device is light in weight along with silent. For that reason, the clipper operates quietly as well as won’t stun your family pet. The tool, which is rechargeable as well as cordless, likewise lasts approximately a complete hr on one charge. It features detachable blades, each when in usage, which run at 5,500 strokes per minute, thus giving you canine a personalized groom and well-clipped look.

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