Dog Tricks: Paw Targeting

This video is a how to video on how to teach your dog to target an object with his front paws. This is not only a great game to teach your puppy or dog how to learn to learn, but it is the foundation for many behaviors and tricks. Tricks with this foundation include- wave, shake , high five, standing up, hands up, close the door, cop cop, say your prayers, descrimination, freestyle foot work and more.
Check out zsianz1 ‘s video on how to teach a high five using this technique!

Take care with large breed dogs or dogs who have sharp toe nails as you can get slapped. Perhaps teach shake down the line when you have more experience as a trainer so that your large dog doesnt learn to paw at you as their favorite behavior. The great thing about the technique that I am using is that the dog isnt learning to paw at your skin, but at an object, so you can get that on stimulus control before it is just your arm (for very large and powerful dog breeds). You can also click them fore being gentle before you switch to using just your hand for shake.

Happy Training!

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