Dogs Explosively Fight Over Their Owner’s Love | It’s Me or The Dog

Sasha and Digweed are two bully breeds who desperately want the attention and love of their owners. But Sasha doesn’t want to share and fights often break out if Digweed is given any attention at all. Can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell teach Sasha how to share?

It’s Me or the Dog USA Season 2 Episode 24



It’s Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


What Does Dog Licking Mean and What Are the Consequences of Uncontrollable Licking?

Pets lick themselves and others for lots of reasons. This post information a number of normal factors along with excess licking that needs clinical attention.

Dog Toys Add to Holiday Cheer

Getting brand-new canine toys for your canine is constantly a reward, however particularly so around the vacation season. When everyone is obtaining presents and cooperating the holiday cheer, neglecting your fuzzy friend simply isn’t nice.

I Don’t Need Dog Training Lessons! Really?

The market is flooded with publications and videos on different types of canine training. Some are excellent, and some, well … The objective of any do-it-yourself training aid is to stroke your ego. They fall short in informing you there are included underrated elements to canine training courses, along with teaching rest, stay as well as come.

Santa Paws Is Coming to Town: 5 Dog-Worthy Holiday Gifts Any Pup Would Love

The holidays have a different definition to lots of people. To some of us it is the time of giving – to others it is the pleasure of receiving. Yet one of the several reasons most of us like Christmas and the holidays is the common sharing of presents and excellent spirit with those that we like one of the most.

Tag Me! Why Pet ID Tags Could Save You From the Heartache of a Lost Pet During the Holidays

Ultimately the holiday period is upon us and while family members is very important all year around, there is something about the vacation season that brings us all closer together. While my household is not specifically the type to roast chestnuts on an open flame, we do always welcome the reason to spend a little bit more high quality time with each various other. This naturally includes our pet dogs.

Want to Become a Dog Trainer?

Are you the kind of person that likes being about pet dogs? If you are, after that ending up being a canine instructor may have crossed your mind one or 2 times. In order to come to be a dog fitness instructor, there are a couple of points that you require to know. Maintain reviewing to learn more about several of them.

Pekingese Dog Obedience Training

Dogs as they say are man’s friend. The truth however depends on the training offered to any kind of pet dog. Even the finest breed of pet dogs would be no excellent otherwise trained. If you are thinking of bringing a Pekingese dog in your family you could also take into consideration educating it well. Having a pet dog around you and also your household becomes means simpler with appropriate training.

Tips For Dog House Training

When seeking advice from professionals in the area of pet training, you might be stunned to discover that some will certainly recommend one of the most effective setting for dog training is your very own home. This is because it is of utmost relevance that your animal is 100% comfortable within it’s surrounding. The very best pet training is structured around a standard connection and bond between owner and dog.

Dog Breeds – Their Temperament And Personality: Are They Actually A Different Species?

To an impressive extent, a pet of any kind of type can mate with another of any kind of other type as well as fruit and vegetables productive spawn. This truth in itself has caused also a lot more ranges creating over the centuries, as brand-new functions as well as styles were assumed up.

A Healthy Dog Is a Happy Dog – Why Dog Nutrition Is So Important

Dog nutrition can be an intricate concern, however is mainly based around supplying them with the correct dietary mix, to make sure that they can lead happy as well as healthy and balanced lives. Nevertheless, every pet is special as well as deals with various illness, yet there are a variety of canine nutrition products on the marketplace to provide for canines demands and also to aid make proprietors lives less complicated.

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