Down Stay From Heel – Dog Training by Kikopup

This obedience behavior of doing a down stay during heelwork, where you cue a down stay while your dog is at your side and you move forward, is a fun game and the final behavior usually looks quite impressive. This game is great for proofing a down stay and is a great game if you do canine freestyle as well.

You don’t need to use intimidation to train this behavior. So keep your tone of voice positive and upbeat. Here is an article on why you might consider using a positive tone of voice with your dog

Here is a video from ten years ago on teaching go to the mat, drop at heel and drop on recall using a mat. However, I plan to refilm drop on recall because the video is pixelated.

Is it clear why I’m luring the dog over the mat at first instead of just beginning in the heel position? The reason is that as the dog learns the new behavior, you don’t want to mess up your heeling. Then when the dog understands the down and wait, you can add the two together.

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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