Food Thief Dalmatian: Pongo | Full Episode | It’s Me or The Dog

Pongo is a dog that destroys the house, bites every member of the family and steals anything he can put in his mouth. Being a dangerous dog, Pongo is on borrowed time. Can Victoria Stilwell get him under control before he has to be re-housed… or even put down?

Food Thief Dalmatian: Pongo
It’s Me or The Dog UK Full Episode (Season 1, Episode 4)



It’s Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Can Jack Russells Get Along With Cats?

Jack Russells and also cats … Will they ever obtain along? No, not likely at all yet I’ll clarify the actual factor why and also share tricks with you exactly how to make it take place!

Choosing a Dog Breed That Suits Your Family

Lots of families when they are ready to embrace a young puppy or dog do so based upon just how cute they think the canine is, but when you have children, you need to ensure the breed is compatible. If you select a type that does not always do well with kids, such as a Pit Bull, what takes place is the pet dog finishes up at the pound just because she or he was cling their breed nature.

Do You Know What Is In Your Dog’s Treats?

It’s fun to have our pets do tricks or follow commands that make us delighted, and also the conventional activity we take when that happens is to feed our dog a reward. But, do you recognize what remains in that reward you’re offering?

Bo – America’s First Dog

Bo is a Portuguese water pet, or Portie, as well as lives at the White Residence as component of Head of state Obama’s family members. He is affectionately understood as the First Pet dog. Because one of the president’s little girls has issues with allergies, they looked for a hypoallergenic type of pet. A friend talented them with Bo as well as the canine right away earned his place in background.

Dog Training Barking Collars

Among the most typical reasons people require canine training is barking. The easiest as well as most efficient method to educate your dog to stop barking is with a pet training barking collar. The basic idea is to provide your pet adverse reinforcement every time he or she barks by having something unpleasant happen to them with each bark. A lot of times it only takes a couple of barks for the collar to work and also keep your pet from barking. In a snap in all your canine identifies that the adverse support is just occurring due to the fact that of the reality that he or she is barking.

Dog Training – Barking Can Easily Be Controlled With Collars

Dog barking and also educating go hand in hand. Although it is an all-natural reaction for your dog to bark when they desire to reveal themselves or offer caution, when this barking ends up being continuous as well as for no helpful factor it comes to be an issue you wish to correct extremely swiftly. Your neighbors will likely end up being very unappreciative then also as well as they might also begin whining to you about your pet dog’s noise making. At this moment you need to most absolutely begin to think about a training collar to assist you in your training efforts.

Dog Training – Barking and Other Behaviors Addressed

Pet training for barking and also other actions is frequently needed, considering that most canines bark on impulse as well as some even bark for no noticeable factor. Our pets are really crucial to us for so numerous factors. Lots of people value their pets as fantastic friends instead than simply protection, and also we simply desire to have the ability to enjoy our time with them.

Dog Training – Barking Collars Are Helpful for Many Reasons

Are you asking yourself if you require canine training for barking? It is fairly possible that you might have some success with among the lots of Pet dog Training Barking collars on the marketplace today. Here is what you can anticipate when you begin this training method:

Dog Training – Barking Collars Are a Humane Method

Pet dog training for barking can be a fragile concern in numerous means. On one hand, you want your canine to bark in a circumstance where it is necessitated, such as during a theft. Nonetheless there are times when a pet dog seems to be barking for no reason at all. When this comes to be a behavior for your pet dog, it is time to start taking out some training tools.

Is a Papillion The Perfect Dog For You?

The “butterfly” and also the “moth” are ideal summaries of the 2 types of Papillions. The Papillion lugs their ears up high, looking like a butterfly. The Phalene or American Papillion has saggy, lengthy ears that appear like the wings of a moth.

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