Halloween Three – ‘Splash’s Revenge’

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! This is the third video in a series of three halloween videos. Splash the Border Collie wants revenge after a mean old man denied her of her Halloween treats. After looking up the Halloween tradition of ‘Trick or Treating’, the dogs plan an array of mean tricks to punish the mean old man for not supplying halloween treats. Splash the Border Collie teams up with her trusted side kicks- Kiko the Chihuahua, Tug the terrier, and Trisch the Podenco.



This video was made 3 years ago, but I had trouble with the music copyright which actually I do have the right to use as it is from the Apple program iMovie, which allows one to use the music in the way that I did in this video. 🙂 Sorry if you had seen this video before on my channel, but I personally think it’s worth watching twice, especially before Halloween!!! 🙂 Which is actually my birthday.

Sadly I was not able to make Halloween videos since Ive been in Sweden, as the star- Peter, the mean old man lives in California. HOWEVER, next year most likely I will live in California again, and I will be able to make Halloween episode 4 which I am very excited about! 🙂 Hehe.

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