How to communicate with a dog in his own language

In this video I will show you how you can use your dogs own language to communicate with them. I will also show you how to interpret your dogs language.

This video is about the secret language of dogs. Some of you might already know about Calming Signals, but the main population that find out about dog training through Television programs might not.

In no way do I condone pestering a dog in order to make them offer calming signals for you to see. I kissed Kiko on the head in this video to show her response, not that I want to condone it! ☺ Also certain dogs will like to be touched and kissed in different situations. So you can tell if your dog is happy with the attention or not by their reaction.

Dogs bite. You should never put your face in a dogs face. Calming signals can be offered when you are standing or sitting, I was very close to Splash at one point in this video because it was hard to fit us in the video screen, and Splash is very comfortable with me being that close to her face. Never lean into a dogs face in order to communicate with them! Its Threatening!

Turid Rugaas is an internationally renowned dog trainer who has studied and researched calming signals for over a decade! You can visit her site on calming signals to learn more AND PICK UP ONE OF HER BOOKS AND DVDS on the subject.

Here are the main calming signals that I like to use with dogs-

1 Soft Eye Blinks
2 Looking Away
3 Lip Licks
4 Yawning

1- You can use calming signals to calm a dog down and tell them “no worries”
2- You can monitor your dog’s calming signals and if they are doing more than normal you can tell your dog is getting more stressed (calming signals are normal and happen all the time)
3- If you pet your dog and they offer a calming signal that is normal, but Imagine this Scenario- a child pets a dog and he offers lots of calming signals, then the dog walks away from the child, and the parent brings the child to the dog again, and the dog offers even more calming signals and walks away to lie down, then the parent brings the child to pet the dog a third time, and finally the dog is so stressed that it growls, or bites. The parent could have read that the dog did not want to be petted by the child more than that first time if they knew about calming signals.

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