How to Exercise Your Puppy!

Exercise is very important for most dogs. There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to making sure your dog gets the exercise they need! Thank you for sponsoring this video Icanvas! Check out all of the wonderful art at

Art featured in the video:

Shakin’ Off the Blues (lab) – Iris Scott – IRS63-1PC6-26×26 –
Swimmin’ In The Creek (lab) – Iris Scott – IRS80-1PC6-26×26 –

Rankin Willard pieces
Beagle (beagle) – Rankin Willard
Jack Russell (jack russell terrier) – Rankin’ Willard – RNK24-1PC6-26×18 –
Bassett Hound (bassett hound) – Rankin’ Willard – RNK3-1PC6-26×18 –
Dean Russo pieces (2 square / 2 vertical)
Beware of Pit Bulls (pit bull) – Dean Russo – 4231-1PC6-26×18 –
Yorkie (yorkie) – Dean Russo – 4215-1PC6-26×18 –
I’m a Pit Bull (pit bull) – Dean Russo – 13545-1PC6-26×26 –
Dalmation (dalmation) – Dean Russo – 13546-1PC6-26×26 –

Weekday Best pieces
Pet Love (typography piece) – Weekday Best – SNA18-1PC6-26×18 –
Rottie (rottweiler) – Weekday Best – SNA21-1PC6-26×18 –
Corgi (corgi) – Weekday Best – SNA9-1PC6-26×18 –

Other Prints
Dog Selfie – Lucia Heffernan – HEF25-!PC6-26×26 –
Penny The GoldenDoodle – DawgArt – DWG107-1PC6-26×18 –
Gus (black lab) – DawgArt – DWG65-1PC6-26×26 –

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