How to Handle a Barking Dog

how to handle a barking dog

If you find your dog excessively barking, there are several ways you can handle it. These include blocking off space where your dog can bark, teaching the command “quiet,” and calling a canine professional. These methods are not always effective, but can be helpful in minimizing the problem.

Blocking space for excessive barking

Blocking space for excessive barking can be a good option for reducing noise levels and the threat posed by barking dogs. Generally, dogs bark when they notice something interesting or a threat in their environment. Most dog owners block out outside sounds and sight to reduce the possibility of excessive barking. This may involve closing the blinds or curtains or placing a large object near a window.

Keeping your dog busy

If you are trying to curb your dog’s barking, the first step is to keep him busy. Your dog needs mental stimulation, exercise, and games to keep him engaged. By distracting your dog, you will eliminate his opportunity to bark the windows.

Teaching the “quiet” command

To train your dog to be quiet, you’ll need to use a consistent “quiet” command and positive reinforcement. This article will help you use positive reinforcement to stop your dog from barking, as well as avoid using negative punishments.

Calling a canine professional

If your dog is barking excessively, you may want to consider hiring a canine professional to deal with this problem. Although it will not be an instant fix, training your dog to be less vocal can help you get rid of the problem. Dogs need at least four to six months to learn new behavior, so you should be prepared to spend some time training your dog.

Rewarding your dog

Rewarding your barking dog is a simple way to reduce excessive barking. Try rewarding your dog when it stops barking, listens to your commands, or does not jump on visitors. Be sure to be consistent with your rewards.

Reducing stress

One of the first steps you need to take when dealing with a barking dog is to reduce the stress associated with the situation. Your dog may have an anxiety problem that is causing it to bark excessively. In order to decrease its stress level, you should find a way to eliminate the source of the anxiety. This can be done by giving your dog another activity or game to play. This will help burn off the dog’s energy and prevent him from barking.