How to Keep a Dog From Barking Outside

how to keep a dog from barking outside

If you want to stop your dog from barking while outside, there are many ways to do this. One method is obedience training. Another is desensitization. A third technique is to make your dog busy and occupied. You can use any of these methods, or any combination of them.

Obedience training

There are several ways to train a dog to stop barking. One effective method involves saying “Quiet!” to your dog and rewarding it with a treat when it obeys your command. Alternatively, you can use hand lures to distract your dog from barking and give him a treat if he stays quiet.

Another method involves blocking the visual stimulus that causes your dog to bark. This will help to desensitize your dog to the visual trigger and teach him an alternative response. You can also use the Open-Bar-Closed-Bar method to countercondition the visual barking trigger.


For desensitization to work, the dog must remain calm and relaxed. It must be given a safe environment and new associations that are not associated with the trigger. Moreover, dogs have different thresholds for each trigger. Hence, it is important to find out what triggers your dog the most and work on that.

Aside from desensitization, training your dog to be still can help eliminate the need for barking. Training is a process that may take weeks or months. The goal is to get your dog to stop barking when it is near a trigger.

Reducing flashpoints

Whether you’re a dog owner who’s fed up with a noisy, barking dog, or you’re someone who’s just looking to reduce your pet’s barking, there are a few things you can do to curb your dog’s outside barking. One of the most common causes for barking is boredom, which can be easily reduced by keeping your dog’s mind busy.

Keeping the dog’s mind busy

Keeping the dog’s mind active is as important as physical exercise. By playing interactive games with your dog, you can give him mental stimulation and strengthen the bond. Scent games, for instance, are an excellent way to prevent boredom in your dog. These games are fun for both you and your dog.

Dog parks provide ample opportunities for your dog to engage his senses. Dog parks also allow your dog to socialize with other dogs and people. You can also visit dog parks to give your dog a chance to play with new toys. Dogs shouldn’t play with the same toys for months at a time. Always change them after a few days.

Reducing attention-related barking

The best way to reduce attention-related barking when walking a canine outside is to provide it with a distraction. By distracting your dog with a food puzzle or stuffed kong, you can get your dog’s attention and reduce its barking. Another good distraction is to engage in play with your dog, such as giving it a toy or playing fetch. Then, make sure to reward him with a treat when he quiets down.

Often, dogs will bark to greet people or animals around them. It can be a sign that they are bored or are trying to fulfill some other need. If your dog’s barking has become persistent, you should go to your vet to find out whether it is due to another medical reason. If the barking is consistent and uncontrollable, your dog may need to be desensitized to other people or situations.