How to Make Dog Stop Barking at People

how to make dog stop barking at people

If your dog is barking at people, it could be a symptom of boredom or frustration. Try rewarding your dog for good behavior and using a quiet cue. If this doesn’t work, consider consulting a certified professional dog trainer. These professionals can teach your dog different techniques to help prevent unwanted barking.

Rewarding your dog for good behavior

If your dog is constantly barking at people, one way to stop it is to stop rewarding it. This behavior is difficult to ignore and can intensify. If your dog has tried to get attention in the past, it may have been successful. It is better to reward the dog when he does something right, rather than when he continues to bark.

Once your dog has learned “sit,” “stay,” and “lie down,” start rewarding him for his good behavior. When your dog recognizes this behavior, he will move toward it. You can also try using a leash to guide him to his bed. This can help him to get used to the new behavior.

Distracting your dog with treats

Distracting your dog with treats can be an effective way to stop your dog from barking at people. The key to successful training is using a trigger that is far away enough for your dog to not bark. You can start by placing the stimulus at a distance where your dog cannot see it, but close enough for the dog to recognize it. As the dog gets used to this stimulus, you can move the stimulus closer and offer a treat every time your dog does not bark.

Dogs can become bored or frustrated if they are unable to receive enough stimulation. It is important to understand that your dog will associate the sounds and sights of people with excitement. This can lead to excessive barking.

Teaching your dog a quiet cue

One of the first steps to teach your dog to stop barking at people is to teach him a quiet cue. This is a simple verbal command that your dog can learn at his own pace. By giving a quiet command every time he barks at a person or object, your dog will eventually learn that barking is inappropriate behavior.

This quiet command should be repeated several times a day to lock in the memory. The longer you practice, the faster your dog will learn the quiet command. This training method may take longer for doorbells and loud noises, so patience is a must.

Keeping your dog indoors

Keeping your dog indoors during the day can help them avoid excessive barking. If you notice that your dog is barking excessively during certain times of the day, consider blocking off the windows or doors. This will minimize your dog’s natural instinct to defend his territory. You can also try to distract your dog with music or a change of doorbell ring. Bringing your dog inside the house when the mailman or the kids come home can prevent excessive barking. This technique is called counter-training.

Another way to stop your dog from barking at people is to give them a treat. Treats and attention are great rewards for dogs, and you should try to give them these rewards whenever they sit. Depending on your dog’s level of barking, this training method can also help prevent your dog from barking when people come to visit.

Teaching your dog an “Enough” cue

One of the first steps in teaching your dog to stop barking at people is to use an “Enough” cue. This is a verbal command that can be rewarded with a treat or praise whenever your dog is quiet. Be consistent in using the “Enough” cue to stop your dog from barking.

Using a verbal cue is a powerful way to teach your dog to stop barking at people. When you reward your dog for quietness and silence, your dog will learn to associate these behaviors with good things. This will help reduce alert barking as your dog learns the difference between what is good and when it isn’t.