How to Make Your Dog Stop Barking at People

how to make your dog stop barking at people

There are several steps you can take to help your dog stop barking at people. You can move the dog away from the source of the barking, distract it with treats, and look for other signs of stress. It’s also a good idea to meet the dog’s exercise needs. Take it out for long walks in nature where it can sniff and explore. Lastly, provide enough space for your dog to relax.

Desensitize your dog to his sound triggers

If you want to get your dog to stop barking at people, you can desensitize him to certain sounds. The sound triggers should be at a low level, so your dog will not be disturbed. As you get more comfortable with the sounds, you can increase the volume of the sound. The goal is to make your dog calm when the sound is present, but still be able to respond positively.

The sound of a doorbell can cause a dog to react in different ways. It might cause it to growl, snarl, or even bite. You can use this method to desensitize your dog to this sound, and condition him to respond calmly when the doorbell is rung.

Tire your dog out before leaving

The first step in stopping your dog from barking at people is to make sure that it has adequate exercise. Exercising your dog regularly will help it burn off excess energy and relax. It will also decrease the amount of barking that it does when you leave. Ensure that your dog is well-tired before leaving for the day.

If you leave, make sure to give your dog praise if he doesn’t bark at people. This will help to distract him from the sound of a doorbell. In some cases, a treat can also distract your dog from barking.

Block the space where your dog barks

When your dog is barking at people, it is important to block the visual stimulus that is causing the problem. By blocking the space where your dog sees the people, they will be less likely to repeat the behavior. To countercondition the visual barking trigger, use a static cling window film or spray-on glass coating. A good way to train your dog to ignore the sound of people walking by is to use the Open-Bar Closed-Bar method.

Most dogs bark when they see something interesting or perceive a threat. Most owners take steps to block the space where their dogs can see and hear people outside. If you don’t have a fence in place, you can install a commercial grade privacy screening or privacy fence over the existing fence. In rental properties, you can also plant privacy hedges to beautify the space and discourage barking.

Train your dog to go to a specific spot in the house

Training your dog to go to a specific spot can help you prevent it from barking when you have guests over. If your dog regularly barks at people and guests, it can be frustrating to get them to stop. This behavior is often related to your dog’s emotional state and can be difficult to break.

Fortunately, it is possible to train your dog to go to a spot without using force. You simply need to teach your dog where this spot is and reinforce the behavior with a treat. To start, try saying “go to your spot” and then holding a treat for your dog to come to that spot. Once your dog understands where his spot is, you can then use the doorbell as a cue to bring him there.