How to Potty Train Your Dog

Can Some Dogs Not Be Trained

If you’re struggling with housetraining your dog, there are several resources available. The first thing to do is to identify the underlying cause of the problem. For example, is your dog overly vocal? Maybe he’s afraid of something outside. Whatever the cause, a professional trainer can help.

Potty training an older dog

If your dog is an older breed, potty training can be more difficult than training a puppy. Older dogs may have developed bad habits or may have difficulty recognizing bathroom cues. However, with patience and diligence, you can potty train an older dog. A dog crate, a leash, and hawk-like supervision are the keys to success.

You can begin potty training your older dog by creating a schedule. Try to be consistent with your training schedule. Start the training early in the morning and avoid allowing your dog to stay indoors for several hours.

Retraining an adult dog to go outside

Unlike puppy dogs, adult dogs usually need to start from scratch in retraining to go outside. This means that you must keep a close eye on your dog and pay attention to what it does inside. Pay particular attention to your dog’s activity after eating, waking up, or periods of excitement. Look for signs of toileting, such as circling or sniffing the floor. If your dog has previously had an accident inside your home, you may need to find a new location for him to eliminate.

Adult dogs can hold it for a few hours, so don’t pressure them. Take them outside frequently and reward them when they do.

Training a puppy to come when called

Training a puppy to come when called is a basic life skill. This skill will help your dog navigate the world and develop a sense of trust between you and the animal. It’s a skill that you can practice with your puppy from the very beginning. You can use fun games and activities to reinforce the command.

The most important part of training a puppy to come when called is to reinforce the “come” command. Any time the puppy hears that command, it should come to the call immediately. The key is to start training your puppy at around eight weeks old. You should also keep the sessions short so that your puppy doesn’t get bored.

Training a dog to alert you when they need to go outside

It is important to train a dog to alert you when it is time to go outside. It should be a signal that is distinct from simply wanting to go outside for a play session. Creating a schedule is crucial, and making potty time a special treat is important.

When training a dog to alert you when they need a bathroom, be sure to keep it consistent. Changing the cue too often can confuse the pet and make them bark more. Instead, choose a specific sound cue that is audible throughout the house and specific to the task of going outside.