How to Stop Dogs Barking at the Door

If your dog is constantly barking at the door, it might be time to use a training technique that will stop this annoying behavior. You can use a training command and reward several times to achieve the desired result. Another effective technique is to use a remote door bell. This can be kept in your pocket and used to create a believable scenario.

Distract your dog

The first step in disabling your dog from barking at the door is to stop giving it treats or food. Instead, you can give it a toy or a long-lasting chew toy to distract it while you’re gone. Also, you can set up a few routines and habits that your dog will associate with leaving the house. This way, when the doorbell rings, your dog will know to sit instead of bark.

Aside from removing the cause of the barking, training your dog to sit and stay is another great way to distract them from barking. By using a distraction such as a treat or a jingling toy, you can train your dog to be less excited when greeting someone at the door. Another useful tip is to place a favorite toy near the front door. Encourage your dog to pick up his favorite toy before greeting people. Keeping this treat in his mouth will reduce his barking.

Block your dog’s view of people

Blocking your dog’s view of people and objects outside your home can prevent your dog from barking. This technique is helpful for outdoor, alarm, and territorial barking. However, if you are not comfortable with blocking your dog’s view of people and things outside your home, you can train your dog to greet people at the door without barking.

Train your dog to be quiet on cue

You can train your dog to be quiet on cue by using your dog’s name. Call your dog’s name when it starts barking. As your dog learns to respond to your voice, increase the amount of praise you give it when it’s quiet. You can even use treats to reinforce quiet behavior. Eventually, you can phase out the treats.

Depending on the dog, you can practice this command daily. Try saying “Quiet!” as you approach the door. Then, give the command and then feed a treat when the dog stays quiet. The more often your dog responds quietly, the easier it will be to train your dog.

Treat your dog for excessive barking

If your dog is constantly barking at the door, you should try to find out what is causing this behavior. It may be a sign of a health problem. For instance, your dog may have a hearing problem or may be exhibiting territorial behavior. If you are unsure of what is causing the excessive barking, it is best to visit your vet for an examination.

In many cases, excessive barking is caused by boredom or frustration. Increased physical exercise may help keep your dog’s mind busy. In other cases, your dog may be frustrated by not being able to reach the object it is barking at.