How to Stop Dogs From Barking at Other Dogs

how to stop dogs from barking at other dogs

If your dog is constantly barking at other dogs, you can use distraction techniques like treating your dog with a highly valued treat. You can also use real meat to distract your dog. Once you have distracted your dog, you should give a reward for good behavior. Aside from rewarding your dog, you can also train your dog to make emergency u-turns. But be careful not to add more stress to the situation.

Treats distract dogs from barking at other dogs

One of the best ways to stop your dog from barking at other dogs is to use treats to distract him. Give him a treat every time he stops barking. This will help your dog associate a treat with a positive outcome and will help you avoid scolding your dog. Then you can gradually replace treats with praise.

Another way to distract your dog from barking is to jingle your car keys. By shaking the keys, your dog will be distracted and it will stop barking. In addition, you can also use an interactive toy or white noise machine to keep him busy.

Identifying your dog’s triggers

Identifying your dog’s triggers is essential if you want to stop them from barking at other dogs. Dogs have many reasons for barking, from fear to discomfort and pain. Identifying these triggers will help you keep them under control, and remove them from the situation.

Identifying your dog’s triggers will help you control the frequency and duration of your dog’s barking. You can use simple rewards when your dog is quiet before it barks. You can also train your dog to perform the behavior before it triggers itself, such as walking the opposite way from a dog it’s not used to.

Noise masking

Noise masking is an effective way to reduce a dog’s barking at other dogs. Sound travels up a building and sounds made on the first floor will be heard clearly on the second and third floors. Soundproof walls and absorption panels can be mounted on walls to reduce the echo and reverberation. However, the installation of new furniture and acoustic wall panels can be expensive. Fortunately, some noise absorbing materials are much more affordable.

You can also use a white noise machine to mask the sound from other dogs. This noise maker can be moved around your home and plays up to 10 different tones of noise. Alternatively, you can use a soundproof fence to reduce the noise.


One way to stop your dog from barking at other dogs is to remove visual triggers. Consider using blinds or curtains to block out outside noise. You can also use a noise machine or radio to drown out noise. It’s also a good idea to move furniture away from windows so your dog can’t perch by them. You can also install a gate so your dog cannot access certain areas of the house.

Another way to get your dog to stop barking at other dogs is to place him on a leash. This is because if he’s on a leash, he can’t escape. This means he has limited fight or flight instincts. Keeping him on a leash also keeps him safe.