How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting You

puppy will not stop biting me

The first step to stop your puppy from biting you is to avoid physical punishment. Do not yell at your puppy, shout at it, or even ignore it. These actions will only make matters worse. Luckily, there are several alternatives that will help you to make your puppy stop mouthing you.

Avoid physical punishment

It is tempting to punish your puppy when he bites you, but physical punishment has been proven ineffective and can make your puppy more aggressive. It is also cruel and abusive to your puppy. Instead of using physical punishment, try other forms of positive reinforcement, such as playing with your puppy. This will give him a chance to calm down and stop biting.

One of the most common causes of biting is overstimulated puppies. Young puppies may not have the impulse control to learn that their actions hurt you. Instead, try to teach your puppy that it is not okay to bite you and that it is bad behavior. It can also help to show your puppy that nipping is not allowed and will not get you any attention.

Another effective way to correct your puppy’s behavior is by using reward-based training. A puppy’s mind perceives any reaction as a reward and will continue to repeat the behavior when given a positive response. This does not work if you simply ignore your puppy. Instead, give him guiding commands to discourage the behavior. The best way to do this is to use a calming voice.

Avoid yelping

While yelling like you’re hurt is a common response to a puppy’s bite, it can actually intensify the aggressive behavior. Instead, try to remain calm and hold the puppy gently. If the biting continues, contact a professional to help you solve the problem. Repeated bouts of biting are not normal puppy behavior and should be treated as a sign of frustration.

A puppy that bites too hard can learn that the behavior ends playtime. If you repeatedly yell at a puppy for biting you, it will mimic the behavior of other puppies in its litter and will eventually stop playing. However, be sure to practice the “stop biting” technique with the puppy only three times in a 15-minute span.

After a puppy bites you, take it to a veterinarian and get it checked out. If your puppy is acting aggressively, you can ask for a referral to an aggression behaviorist. Also, take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test to make sure your dog is safe. This can help you prove to the court that your dog is not a dangerous animal.

Avoid ignoring your puppy’s mouthing

If you want to keep your puppy from mouthing on your hands and other objects, avoid ignoring it. This common behavior is a sign that your puppy wants attention. If you do not want to play with your dog, you can use a time-out method. When your puppy begins to mouth your hands, you can yell and move away from him for 10 to 20 seconds. After this time has passed, praise your puppy. Repeat this method no more than three times within fifteen minutes.

If your puppy continues to mouth your hand, consider this behavior a sign that your puppy is struggling with aggression. Often, puppies mouth people when they are being stroked, scratched, or patted. To distract your puppy and teach him to stop mouthing your hands, feed him treats. This will make him feel more comfortable being touched without mouthing.