How to TRAIN a Distracted DOG using REWARDS and CORRECTIONS

How to train a distracted dog using rewards and corrections. Will and Red have been using clicker training for a while and ran across a hurdle when away from home. Red would check out and not pay attention to Will’s commands. In this video lesson you’ll see the proper timing for corrections and rewards and a big transformation in Red’s behavior.

The full 22+ minute version is available in my member section:

One of the biggest hurdles facing positive only training is a dog’s prey drive. Here you will see a dog that has a higher degree of prey drive and nothing besides a fair correction gets him back. With the guidance of balanced training and well timed corrections and rewards, we see a dog transformed from a disobedient dog to a very well behaved dog.

There is more to this lesson that will be posted in future videos, but you’ll get the idea that a balanced dog training approach is the fairest, most humane training methodology.

Thank you Will and Red for sharing your training with all of us. We’ll see you back soon.

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