How to Train Your Dog While You’re Away with the Furbo Dog Camera!

Thank you Furbo for sponsoring this video! It’s finally possible to effectively communicate with your dog when you’re gone. Get your Furbo here: and enter promo code FURBOZAK and receive $15 off your Furbo! Offer valid through 1/1/18

If you want peace of mind and the ability to meaningfully interact with your dog when you’re away, you’ll like the Furbo Dog Camera. Furbo can be valuable for diagnosing separation anxiety, addressing unwanted barking, chewing, and more. You can also stop in and say “hi” to your dog and give them a treat to let them know you’re thinking about them. So cool!

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How to teach your dog not to bark humanely and effectively:

How to teach your dog to bark and stop barking:

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