How To Train Your Puppy To High Five – Professional Dog Training Tips

Having your dog be able to close a door, a cupboard or a drawer is a pretty handy trick to teach your dog. But what if you could teach them these things plus Shake-A-Paw, High-Five, and Wave all at the same time? In this video, we will show you how to train your puppy to high five and each of the tricks are all in the same shaping progression, and they are actually really easy to teach to your dog! How helpful would it be if you could just ask your dog to close a door for you? Or shake a paw then wave to your friends and family members as they leave your house? Talk about an impressive series of tricks right? In this video, we will show you how to teach your puppy how to shake a paw, then we progress to teaching your puppy how to high-five. The next step is to teach your dog to wave, then simply transfer that trick to teaching your dog to close a door or a drawer or cupboard! Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to build a relationship and boost your dog’s confidence!

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