Humane Pet Shop – Saving Shelter Dogs – Podcast Episode 39

Humane Pet Shop, Bark n Bitches in the news. Saving shelter dogs and adopting them to loving homes is what this pet store has been doing to the tune of more than 7000 dogs saved from shelters. Recently this shop has gotten some bad press with animal abuse allegations and issues with their permit through LA Animal Services and business license departments.

In this podcast I weigh in on the abuse allegations, dissect the video from the news, I talk to Shannon the owner of the shop and offer some keen insight.

This is a great podcast for any dog lover, animal lover and anyone who is concerned for shelter dogs and doing the right thing.

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Sporting Group Dogs Make Fantastic Family Pets

Some types naturally attach with their human buddies quicker than others. The partnership between male and dog was developed hundreds of years earlier, mainly since they found out to work as a group for a typical requirement; food! They located hunting with each other raised the possibility for a complete stubborn belly, which gradually evolved into an equally gratifying partnership.

Is Your Dog Too Aggressive?

A pet dog establishes an aggressive mindset in time, usually revealing early indicators of hostility as a puppy. Dog aggressiveness depends upon several factors; Maybe he is shy of people or brand-new atmosphere, perhaps he is safeguarding what he thinks as his very own, possibly he has a strong victim drive and is hunting. Educating a pet that has actually gone hostile to come to be well behaved and secure to be around, will not be a very easy task. Here’s 4 ideas for people who have an aggressive pet dog.

Games to Play With Your Dog

Playing with your pet regularly develops excellent understanding, respect, and interaction in between you and also your pet. Pet dogs love to play as well as especially so, with their proprietor.

Dog Training Tips Anyone Can Apply

No person suches as to educate their dogs. It’s time consuming and most significantly, it’s challenging. However it IS easy.

A Simple Guide to Dressing Your Dog

If you are style conscious person who suches as to make a statement whenever you march in public the chances are you have a pet that has the exact same personality that you do or a minimum of you will certainly wish to get a dog that matches your very own feeling of design. You could have seen some star with a dog in a stylish provider bag putting on an adorable clothing and also something that resembles a diamond dirtied collar and ask yourself just how you can obtain the same for your pooch.

Aqua Dogs: How to Teach Your Dog to Swim

As the summer season begins to wind down, and the heat starts to allow up, numerous households will certainly be obtaining in a few last journeys to the coastline or lake. And of course, their pets will be coming as well! But did you know that not all canines are natural swimmers?

Five Things You Never Knew About Pet Boarding

Many dog-lovers fret over putting their fuzzy pals in a boarding facility for the first time, but do not worry. Numerous boarding kennels– or pet hotels– are nothing what you would certainly expect.

How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Existing Canine Companion

Desire a brand-new buddy for your pet, however worried of troubles? Presenting a brand-new dog to your existing one can present numerous troubles. This article instructs you exactly how to manage the circumstance of presenting your new pet to your resident canine.

The Importance of Pets In Our Lives

Animal ownership has decreased 2.4% and yet animals offer friendship, love, and also acceptance. When we are at greatest requirement is when we most require our buddy family pets.

Discover How to Train Your Best Friend

How to train your pet dog to exist together with you and also your household. A well trained pet helps keep them secure.

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