Introducing a NEW DOG to your dog

This video covers how to introduce a new puppy or adult dog to your other dog or dogs in your household. It covers techniques to use for dogs who do have issues with meeting other dogs and are not happy go lucky easy dogs.

Unless you have an extremely calm, social and confident dog, when first meeting another dog, especially in a situation that he is not used to, it can cause him to feel stressed and excited. This excitement can sometimes cause a dog to over react or act unpredictably. So the safest method for preventing the dogs from having a negative experience during their first encounters is to break up the steps so the dogs feel safe and confident every step of the way.

Having the dogs settle first at a distance and then closer together is a great way to reinforce the dogs for being calm in each other’s presence. What can happen if you have a puppy whose first experiences are with playing with the other dog when meeting, it can be harder to teach the puppy that the sight of the other dog isn’t the invitation to play and bother that dog.

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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