Is It Ever Too Late to Train A Dog?

The truth is that training a dog is never too late. Training milestones vary from breed to breed and environment to environment. In general, older dogs are easier to train than young ones. Older dogs may also have previous training, so this may make training them easier. But, as with any training, there are some exceptions.

Training milestones vary based on your particular dog and surroundings

Your dog’s training milestones will vary based on your environment and particular breed. It is essential that you provide guidance and positive reinforcement while training your pup. Dogs want to be treated as members of your family, so give them plenty of praise and treats when they do well. Training sessions should always end with praise, especially for young dogs. Young dogs often have trouble with house training when they are left alone for prolonged periods. They may bark, howl, and chew the furniture. This behavior is a result of anxiety. While your dog may be exhibiting these behaviors, remember that they are merely trying to reestablish voice contact and community with you.