Labrador Retriever Puppy Training Guide – First Week Puppy Training❤️

In this video, we’ll give you a Labrador Retriever puppy training guide that you can use for your first day home as well as for the first week home with your Labrador Retriever puppy. We have been seeing so many people here on the channel talking about preparing for their new puppy to come home, and in this video, you will see a few of the exercises you can do as soon as your puppy arrives in your home. These foundational training exercises will be important for teaching your Lab puppy “how to learn”, as well as to begin building some value for YOU! These first steps in your Labrador Retriever training will set your puppy up to learn things faster, as well as teaching your puppy that there is lots of value in putting some effort in when it comes to working with you!

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Chapters In This Video
00:00 Start
0:29 Loading The Yes
2:01 Response To Name
3:25 Taking Food Gently
4:46 Snuggle Time
4:56 Toy Training
6:54 BONUS
7:40 Toy Training Part 2
8:18 Restrained Recall
9:08 Taking The Collar
10:57 Intro To Crate

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