Loose Leash Walking TIPS

This video talks about what exercises to work on when your dog suddenly starts to pull again on leash. It also goes over the concept of training your dog to stop when you stop on a walk and how that can build your dog’s attention on your movement. I also show doing the exercise when walking multiple dogs. I have 5 dogs, that I sometimes walk in a big group, however I also give the dogs separate walks and one on one time with me where I can follow the dogs and let them choose where to go. It is not necessary to teach a dog to walk at your side if you live in the county your dog could be off leash on all walks, however I suggest still training it for those times where you might need to go to a vet or you are traveling and visiting a busy city.

If you do live in a city, you can have your dog walk next to you when passing by lots of people in a busy street, and then make sure you find areas along the way where you can invite your dog to “go sniff” and let him explore the environment and make choices about which direction to go in as you follow behind.

Here are the links to the video tutorials I mention:

The leash pressure game
Puppies- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKG89GVOJiM&vl=en

Settle on a mat

The 6 week self study course Leash Walking CONNECTED: (The course is 49$ for lifetime access)

Taking turns taking treats

And some extras that might be useful to you:

Working with multiple dogs in training sessions
Let’s go

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Happy Training! – Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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