Miniature Dachshund With Big Attitude: Rufus 🌭| Full Episode | It’s Me or The Dog

This extremely long boy is ‘Rufus’ is a miniature dachshund with an extremely large attitude problem. He hates children, loves going to the toilet and constantly attacks the family’s cat. Can dog training expert Victoria help correct this big attitude trapped in a little body?

It’s Me or the Dog UK (Season 2, Episode 3)

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It’s Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


The Importance of Dog Grooming: Why Groom Your Dog?

Dog pet grooming is an important part in keeping your pet health, clean and happy. This is likewise essential like diet, inoculations and also others to ensure that canines are maintained healthy. It can do even more and also not practically keeping your dog look much better but making him satisfied and also pleased both within and also outdoors.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy: Is Grooming Enough?

When canines are groomed routinely they look clean and healthy. An excellent looking pet dog will certainly constantly attract smiles, focus and grins from other people and family pets around your pet dog. So if you intend to maintain your pet dog the most lovable family pet in your area, begin indulging your animal as well as do your daily routine of grooming.

Grooming Your Dog: A Way to a Better Health!

Dogs can obtain filthy all the time especially if they spend even more time outdoors. As well as maintaining him tidy can be carried out in a lot of means. When dogs are brushed regularly, this can be helpful for his wellness and a far better safety net against health and wellness issues.

Need Help Getting Your New Miniature Schnauzer Puppy to Sleep Through the Night?

In our enjoyment as well as expectancy of the day when a freshly taken on pup prepares to come house we can ignore the truth that this package of fun is most likely to offer us some sleepless evenings, something that we actually had not offered much idea to. Besides, it’s been fairly time considering that we had a new-born in our household and also one’s memory of those sleep deprived nights fades quickly. It is interesting how short a memory we humans have!

7 Tips in Naming Your New Dog

Every new loving pet dog proprietor wants to find that unique, special name that communicates something special concerning the pet dog they have picked to share their life with. Below are 7 suggestions to aid you pick a name intelligently.

Precautions With Puppies for Sale Shop

Adopting a puppy from puppies to buy is a welcome decision which shows that you look after the joy of your family members as well as additionally of the four-legged pals. Congratulation for bringing a new member to your household. And also keep in mind that embracing a puppy is a significant duty. The puppy will certainly require affection, food as well as treatment if it ends up being sick.

Pet Air Travel – Is Your Dog Safe When Traveling By Plane?

If you are concerned for your pet’s safety before boarding your first pet trip, please read this write-up. Simply since thousands as well as countless animals are safely moved from one location to one more via the airline companies, it does not mean that dog owners are without liable precautionary steps to guarantee the security of their household animal. In truth, after reviewing through the following animal air traveling standards that ought to be taken prior to boarding your dog on a plane, you will certainly recognize just how vital is.

What Is Like to Be a Dog?

If you could change areas with your canine what would it seem like? This post aids recognize just how your dog watches the globe. Recognizing how a dog thinks will certainly assist you in training as well as answer your curious inquiries.

Before You Get a Dog – 3 Questions

Before you obtain a brand-new canine or young puppy, you ought to ask yourself some crucial inquiries. Relying on your solutions, you will certainly have a better idea of the kind of pet or young puppy you must obtain. This greatly raises your possibilities of getting an excellent animal.

Dog’s Dental Heath: Bad Breath

A pet dog’s oral wellness may be just one of one of the most overlooked locations in looking after your pet dog’s general well being. You’re dog’s foul breath may indicate a demand for teeth cleansing, something you might try at residence.

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