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They say that a dog is man’s best friend, but this great dane has become that really annoying friend that will just not leave their owners alone. He’s always there keeping them apart even in the bed! What kind of friend is your dog?



It’s Me or the Dog is here to show you some fantastic dogs and give you tips on training your furry friend! We think dogs are amazing and want to share all the best videos with you!

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Helping Pets Through Technology From Free Puppies to Good Home Options to Modern Healthcare

Modern breakthroughs have aided to boost our pet dogs’ lives for a long time currently, despite the fact that the huge bulk of pet dog proprietors as well as typical individuals have no idea to what level. For numerous years, dental implanted recognition tags have actually been made use of to recoup lost animals throughout the United States and also this technique has satisfied with fantastic success. Technologies also play an important duty in keeping animals healthy as well as pleased for all of their years, and the most recent clinical innovations for diagnosing and also dealing with the lots of ailments as well as injuries that family pets are prone to have actually saved several caring proprietors the heartbreak of shedding a cherished pet. Most of these procedures, along with the tools to perform them, were practically non-existent a couple of years earlier.

20 Dog Play Pen Ideas

Do you have a play pen (likewise called workout pen) or thinking concerning getting one? Below are 20 fantastic concepts how to use it to make your pet dog well acted!

Understanding Dog Arthritis Pain and Pain Alleviation

Pet dog arthritis is an incapacitating condition that affects your pet dog’s capability to relocate. The condition strikes the cartilage material in the joints, and when there is damage to the cartilage material tissue it ends up being hard as well as excruciating for the pet dog to stroll.

The Advantages of Adopting an Adult Dog

Bringing a new pet right into a household can be either very satisfying or very discouraging. Constantly pick carefully when picking a brand-new household pet dog. Young puppies are enjoyable, but can be destructive.

You Have Got a New Puppy?

So you have obtained on your own a new puppy? What’s following? Congratulations! You are currently officially part of something bigger than simply you. You are now one of us, the canine owners area of throughout the Globe!

It’s Bonding Time – Have Fun and Play Games With Your Dog

“My pet is my friend,” that’s what we often hear from animal proprietors and I bet that includes you! When did you acquire your dog?

Who Wants To Adopt A Golden Retriever?

Are you certain you wish to embrace a golden retriever? Be prepared to be really energetic with her as well as keep her emotionally triggered.

Buy Some Chew Toys Before Golden Retriever Adoption

Goldens are an excellent canine to adopt, however they like to chew. Buy a number of chewy video games, as well as a few playthings you’ll have the ability to conceal peanut butter inside. When you provide the golden this things, they will contentedly chew those rather than your family furniture.

Is a Pug The Perfect Dog For You?

“Honey, I reduced the Mastiff!” is not as far-fetched as you assume. This Plaything breed remains in the Mastiff family and has a lot of their most desired high qualities. If you are searching for a huge pet dog in a little package, along with an excellent family animal, continued reading.

Golden Retrievers Are A Terrific Pet To Adopt

The gold is mosting likely to gladly run and also play disc throwing with you the whole day. He will certainly seize it in water, romp in the water for you as well as still have all sort of fun. It needs to be comprehended that goldens should have this kind of workout to keep healthy.

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