Potty Training A Puppy- 4 Simple Rules To Success

In this video, we’ll talk about potty training a puppy and how it can be made simple with these 4 simple rules! It can be challenging potty training (house training) a new puppy. But there are 4 keys that will help you be successful potty training even the most difficult puppy. The four keys to potty train your pupppy are 1. Supervise: You need to catch your puppy in the act if they make a mistake. You also need to be aware of the signs that they give you when they have to go! 2. Schedule: Puppies have to pee quite often. So knowing that your puppy will have to pee after sleeping, eating and playing can help you teach the puppy where you want them to go potty! 3. Feedback: It’s important that your giving your puppy good information about where you want them to go pee and poop. You also need to let them know exactly where you DON’T want them to go! 4. Responsibility: Once your puppy has learned where to go potty, you need to shift some of the responsibility to the puppy. You need to teach them how they can let you know that they need to go outside!

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