Protecting Police K9s – Protective Gear for Police Dogs Donated by Vested Interest in K9s

Police dogs, often called k9s face danger in the line of duty almost every day. Many departments don’t have the funds to buy protective vests for their canine officers. Meet Sandy Marcal of Vested Interest in K9s, a non-profit that donates, FREE of charge, protective vests to police departments across the USA. To date VIK9S has donated over 4000 protective vests saving countless dog’s lives.

This is a great conversation about police k9s, the jobs they do to protect us and how we can help make their lives safer and better.

Check out Vested Interest in K9’s website and consider donating to their amazing mission at:

Thank you Sandy and VIK9S for the AMAZING work you do to help protect our Police K9s!!!

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How to Sharpen Dog Grooming Thinning Shears

The term ‘thinning’ worldwide of hair styling and also maintenance is to slim the look of hair without modifying the initial hairstyle. This term is additionally appropriate to pet dogs, as some tend to have thick or bushy hair which can be thinned. In order to do this, you will require to utilize a set of pet dog grooming thinning shears, one that appears like a set of scissors with blades that appear like metal combs.

Using Curved Dog Grooming Shears

Figure out when you should utilize rounded canine grooming shears. Pets can be found in several types of various sizes and hair uniformity. Thus, it is essential to acknowledge and also acknowledge that the brushing procedure for every dog is not a hundred percent comparable to one another.

Choosing the Best Dog Grooming Shears

As a proprietor that loves to groom your pet dogs, you might understand that an excellent set of dog grooming shears is important to providing a suitable groom. For this reason, here are some pointers to selecting the best pet dog grooming shears readily available. Even if you are attempting to save up on money, do deny the cheapest ones around.

What is a Hybrid Dog?

It is a brand-new day as well as a brand-new age. New terms come along such as Hybrid Pet or Designer Dog. We see them online as well as in numerous literary things on dogs.

Puppies and Children

It happens at the very least 99% of the moment, “Mom, Father, can I please have a young puppy?” The first reaction is to evade the concern or alter the subject.

Puppy Training Tips and Housebreaking Advice

When young puppies are young, they don’t completely regulate their bowels as well as make crashes periodically. Remember that once a puppy gets rid of in a place, he will likely to find back to the place and leave his waste there.

Forget What You’ve Heard About Garlic For Dogs

There is a mistaken belief concerning garlic – that it is harmful for pet dogs at any kind of level. In fact, garlic is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidant foods on the world – AND ALSO it’s a great 100% natural, flea and tick repellent.

How to Stop Your Dog From Chasing Bike Riders – Think Like a Dog!

Have you ever before been embarrassed by your otherwise well-behaved pet as she chases after or barks continuously at various other individuals as they ride their bicycles or run your means? It can be fairly demanding attempting to stop this kind of behavior particularly if you happens to have a big type canine … the key point that assists against scenarios like these is to assume like a pet!

Where to Get a Great Free Dog Treat Recipe (A Few Hundred Actually)

With all the troubles emerging with commercially produced canine food, it is not a surprise that numerous individuals are beginning to make their own canine food and also dog treats. Nonetheless, for whatever reason there is a significant misconception that making dog food is a lot a lot more tough than cooking your own food. This is merely not real, actually; making dog food is normally much less complicated and also cost effective.

Where to Find Free Dog Treat Recipes

After going with all of the commercial dog food recalls that have actually occurred in the last 10 years or so, more and extra canine owners are merely seeking to make their own food. Even much better, some owners are trying to make their own pet deals with. The good news is that it is exceptionally simple, and if you have actually ever baked cookies after that you’ll have no trouble making pet dog deals with.

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