Protection Dog Class (

Personal Protection Class for pet dogs and their handlers. This week we did a rescue drill and a coming to the aide of handler drill. We train for defense only in this class and control work is required first. You can go to to sign up for classes or go to to learn more about us.

Helping Your Dogs Fight the Cold of Winter

It’s winter season currently, so you require to take notice of your pet dogs and their temperature level. We have numerous recommendations right here to make certain their body temperature level and spirit makes it through the extreme cold of wintertime.

Key Details To Be Aware Of Regarding The Havanese

The Havanese can be mapped back to the 15th-century Spanish emigration of Cuba, as well as was at first bred for the chief factor of friendship. A few of their more common high qualities are commonly seen in their happiness, playfulness, knowledge and enthusiasm to please – which fundamentally make the Havanese a familiar choice for therapy canines, aid pet dogs for the hearing damaged, tracking, performance pet dogs, mold as well as termite discovery pet dogs as well as buddy canines for households, home dwellers and allergic reaction suffers.

How to Include Your Dog in Holiday Festivities

Now that Xmas and also Hanukkah are right nearby, it’s time to talk regarding your pet and also exactly how to include them in the celebration. Right here are numerous ideas to have your canine join the event, and also don’t neglect a little extra love throughout the holidays!

Joining the Fight Against Animal Cruelty

April is Pet Cruelty Prevention Month. In acknowledgment of this, we would love to several of the numerous organizations committed to improving the lives of animals almost everywhere.

Dog Seizure Causes – Pet Medical Conditions Known To Cause Seizures

If your canine is enduring from seizures, it can not only be a frightening experience by also a serious medical condition. This write-up will certainly look into the reasons for dog seizure to aid you determine the underlying problem.

Tips for Dealing With a Shedding Dog

Your pet dog’s layer may be lovely, however not when it’s staying with your garments and also furniture. While shedding is often inevitable, there are points that pet owners can do to reduce the amount of hair being left.

Winter Dangers For Your Dog

Starting in December, we have fantastic holidays and celebrations to expect. Nevertheless, there are significant dangers that are prowling right now of year for our pet dogs. We’ll assess points like temperature, toxins, and also fire threat that pet proprietors require to be mindful of.

Dogs With Diabetes – Diet and Prevention

Diabetes in canines is the result of unacceptable diet. It can be avoided using a raw meat based diet. This is a very significant disease as well as, if left neglected, can have severe effects.

Identifying Problem Dog Behavior

For any pet proprietor, among the first points you need to do is to recognize and recognize issue canine habits. This need to be fairly simple to do, since unless you have unrealistic assumptions of your family pet, it is generally quite apparent what the issues are, at the very least externally. Several of the a lot more frequent issues are barking when laid off, raising on individuals, chewing things or excavating up your yard. The excellent point is that actions troubles most of canines can be fixed. It will definitely take some initiative, time as well as persistence on your part, but you will certainly finish up with a well acted pet dog that enjoys life.

Beware – Not All Advertised Dog Rescues Really Are! How Can You Know The Truth?

As the general public is coming to be extra conscious of the scaries caused by young puppy mills which many pet shops get their young puppies from young puppy mills, even more people are looking to newspapers advertisements, Craigslist, as well as the Net to find their new canine relative. There is additionally a growing wish to obtain a “rescue” pet; but, how can you tell a legitimate dog rescue from a dog-theft or puppy mill rip-off?

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