Protection Dog Training 9-24-16 (

Protection dog training clips from Bite Club at Paladin Center ran by K9-1 Specialized Dog Training. Use the video cards to interact and dive deeper into our instructional videos. If you enjoy our work please visit our dog training community at

Keeping Your Dog’s Fleas and Ticks at Bay

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You Had Me at First Lick

Lessons We Can Learn From Dogs – Loyalty

Tips for Preventing Relieving Accidents When in Public

Predatory Drift – What Is It? How to Avoid It!

What To Consider When Choosing Your Dog’s Bowl

Commercial Dog Foods Are Bad For Your Pet

Dog Training for Your New Addition

Pomsky Puppies: “Mix a Diligent and Blue Eyed Hard-Worker With a Fur Ball, and Stir!”

Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean and Healthy

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